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sfwriter | 6 years ago | 9 comments | 1 like | 1,137 views

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Does anyone know the location of, or possess, a model of a Smartphone I could use? I've searched around and can only find ones at sites that expect you to pay ridiculous amounts of money just to sign up.

I need one for my project so I can show the mobile version of the website I am promoting. I would prefer having a hand holding it (displayed up to the elbow or so) but will settle for just the phone.

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I'm thinking about creating an .x model pack in 2015, comprised of common models (including a smartphone) if there is enough interest.

Good luck with your search.

IntroChamp, 6 years ago

Hi my friends
You will find a Galaxy and a iPhone in this zip file. These are .x files

Jeep35, 6 years ago

Thanks Jeep! Unfortunately, I get the error message "Server Not Found" when I click on your link. :(

sfwriter, 6 years ago

Start again, it should work. Click F5 to refresh the screen if you still have difficulties

Jeep35, 6 years ago

Now it works! Thanks a lot! Those are perfect for what I need. I really appreciate it. :)

sfwriter, 6 years ago

Nice models JP!

vincent, 6 years ago
Best place for x models. After download a sketch model , you should open in sketchup application. You should download 3D RAD free pluging for sketchup. After install of 3D RAD plugin you can expor as generic x file.

ID Production, 6 years ago

always nice to have more models, thanks Jeep35

DaveH, 6 years ago

ID Production,

Does that plugin only work with SketchUp or does it also work with SketchUp Make? I can't seem to figure out how to access it if it does work with the "Make" version.

sfwriter, 6 years ago

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