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NextPreviousHomerEd hOt - hALLoWeEn!

IntroChamp | 5 years ago | 17 comments | 7 likes | 2,033 views

vincent, komies, liuyongcai and 4 others like this!

Halloween is almost here! This holiday gives us all a great excuse to have fun and create using BluffTitler!

Halloween es casi aquí! Esta fiesta nos da a todos una gran excusa para divertirse y hacer creaciones utilizando BluffTitler!

This VIDEO INTRO features the

Esta INTRO VIDEO cuenta con el
Serie "

Long Live Bluff
¡Viva Bluff

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a masterpiece, very good job

muy agradecido por su traducción ☺

B.Projects, 5 years ago

Well that was a trick and a treat.

I really love the zombie, no I don't love zombies but the animation works well.

komies, 5 years ago

Killer show Joel, great job.

Dani, 5 years ago

Impressive show!

vincent, 5 years ago

Love the Zombie, would you mind explaining how you did that please, a friend of mine is doing a Zombie themed party and I'm trying to make some clips for his show and this would be excellent.

If not, how much to purchase the clip.



tayla, 5 years ago

Thank you all for your spooktacular comments! I'm glad you like my zombie!

Tayla, the the zombie is a 3D model. I gave the model the illusion of movement by employing and animating the Bender.cfx... and also animating the position and rotation of the model.

Maybe one day Bluff will offer rigging. That way we could animate characters in a more predictable manner.

You can also customize the video with your own text here:

Thank you friends :) ~Joel

IntroChamp, 5 years ago

Muy buen Trabajo, zombi perfecto

persiana, 5 years ago

Persiana, muchas gracias!

IntroChamp, 5 years ago

Tip: when you type the web address in the LINK (URL) field of the comment form, it is displayed as a button. This way users do not have to retype or copy and paste it.

Like this:

michiel, 5 years ago

Great tip Michiel, thanks!

IntroChamp, 5 years ago

Hey, thanks for the reply, but that just flew right over my head... lol.

Does anyone know where you can get these zombie type files already converted to .x or any other format that will work in BT.


tayla, 5 years ago

3cadbrowser has a few zombies:

michiel, 5 years ago

Accutrans can convert an insane amount of file formats to the .X format. More than BluffTitler will ever be able to support:

michiel, 5 years ago

Here's another zombie. This one is not offered in the .X format so you will have to use a tool like Accutrans:

michiel, 5 years ago

Wow! thank you Michiel for those links, much appreciated.

Anyone else like to chip in with links and more importantly, I need loads of beginner tutorials!!! lol.

Thanks again.


tayla, 5 years ago

Thank you.

tayla, 5 years ago

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