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michiel | 8 years ago | 10 comments | 10 likes | 4,247 views

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This effect renders your photo as a collage of smaller photos.

The number of photos can be set with the FX PHOTOS property.

The variation in position, rotation and size can be set with the FX POSITIONS, FX ROTATIONS and FX SIZES properties.

And the size and colour of the borders can be set with the FX BORDER SIZE and FX BORDER COLOUR props.

The effect works best applied to a picture layer, but can also be applied to the camera layer! The screenshot in the lower left is a BixPack 18 template with the new collage effect applied to the camera layer.

The collage effect comes with version (in the Effects/Filters folder), but can also be downloaded from this article: click on the DOWNLOAD MEDIA FILES button.

Download media files (8.7 KB)

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Another great effect from the creative mind of Michiel!

IntroChamp, 8 years ago

A big thank you Michiel for this great effect.

Dani, 8 years ago

Thank you Michiel for the new effect and new converted fx.

vincent, 8 years ago

Thank you Michiel, again a great asset to the many effects of Blufftitler.

komies, 8 years ago

Michiel, would it be possible to move the vignettes in a 3D plan, i tried the 3 FX positions sliders but vignettes stay in the same plan. Thanks in advance for informations.

vincent, 8 years ago

Vincent, the effect only adjusts the texture so it can't move in 3D.

michiel, 8 years ago

ok i understand, that will be very well like that michiel.

vincent, 8 years ago

Gracias Michiel .
Espero mas regalos para estas navidades como este .

B.Projects, 8 years ago

Muchas gracias Michiel por tan gran efecto

persiana, 8 years ago

Thank you very much Michiel for this new effect! :-))

Ulli, 8 years ago

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