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Kauzito | 4 years ago | 2 comments | 937 views

I have a model with 1,899,250 polygons and it is taking time to import, I don't know if it will eventually import.
Is there a limit of the number of polygons a model should have for BluffTitler to import?
Thank you.

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It's not the total number of polygons, but the number of triangles per submodel that counts. Maximum is 2.1 billion. Same limit on the number of vertices.

The number of submodels is unlimited.

Practical limit however depends on the available video memory (the memory on your video card). If it does not fit, system memory is used which runs a lot slower and isn't unlimited either.

Make sure the normals are stored in your model file. If not present, BluffTitler has to compute them everytime you load the model, which takes exponentially longer on bigger models.

michiel, 4 years ago

2.1 billion is a comfortable number.
Thank you Michiel for that very informative answer.

Kauzito, 4 years ago

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