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In the SETTINGS > OPTIONS... dialog of version you can find a STEREOSCOPIC FORMATS dropdown.

This is used when exporting in 3D. When you set the PUPIL DISTANCE property of the camera layer to a non-zero value, the screen is split into 2 viewports: one for your left eye and one for your right eye.

The Stereoscopic formats option determines how those 2 viewports are arranged into a single video. It offers the following standards:

1) Half SBS (side by side)

The 2 viewports are placed next to each other and are horizontally squeezed to make them fit. The PAR (pixel aspect ratio) is doubled.

2) Full SBS (side by side)

The 2 viewports are placed next to each other, but are not squeezed. You will have to double the width in the FILE > SET SHOW RESOLUTION... dialog to make them fit.

3) Half TAB (top and bottom)

The 2 viewports are placed on top of each other, vertically squeezed. The PAR is halved.

4) Full TAB (top and bottom)

The 2 viewports are rendered on top of each other, without adjusting the PAR. To make them fit, double the height in the FILE > SET SHOW RESOLUTION... dialog dialog.

Stereoscopic hardware

Clearly, rendering the 2 viewports next or on top of each other does not create the 3D illusion. This requires the right hardware like a 3D TV and/or extra software for post-processing.


The cheapest hardware to experience 3D are probably the red/cyan anaglyph classes.

To make BluffTitler render in the anaglyph format:
-select the HALF SBS option in the STEREOSCOPIC FORMATS dropdown of the SETTINGS > OPTIONS... dialog
-apply the Camera\StereoAnaglyp effect to the camera layer

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