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liuyongcai | 4 years ago | 11 comments | 1,294 views

Display the number of characters.

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Display the number of characters : in trouble Michiel.

liuyongcai, 4 years ago

We need the numbei of characters.

Study BT, 4 years ago

We'll try to find an empty place where we can print the number of characters!

michiel, 4 years ago

Thank you, Michel!

liuyongcai, 4 years ago

Where are you finding this screen/window. I don't see anything like this when I try and change all text or change the font?

MrGruntHunter, 4 years ago

On top menu bar : MEDIA -> Change text (if a text layer is selected).

vincent, 4 years ago

Ah Ha ... now I see it. I never went that route before. I would go to 'EDIT' and then 'CHANGE ALL TEXT' . I guess I don't understand why the software is coded to give you different windows for basically the same function. Also I don't understand what that blank box is supposed to be for but I'm sure Michiel will come up with a use for it.

MrGruntHunter, 4 years ago

The problem can be solved, that's great!

hongfeng, 4 years ago

To change the text of the active layer:
-edit the text in the textbox in the tool window

To change the text of the active layer with all the options:
-choose MEDIA > CHANGE TEXT... (or use the corresponding power button in the tool window)

To change the texts of all layers:
-choose EDIT > CHANGE ALL TEXTS... (or use the corresponding power button in the render window)

michiel, 4 years ago

Display the number of characters.

liuyongcai, 4 years ago

Thanks;! Great godfather, michael solved the problem. Launched, BluffTitler12.3! Version.

liuyongcai, 4 years ago

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