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Here's a new example of what you can do with the landscape layer.


The 16 bits heightmap has been created with World Creator: and rendered with the new landscape layer:


The skybox is a 360° photo created with the RICOH THETA: and rendered with the new skybox layer:

Standing in landscape

The 2 text layers automatically follow the landscape by marking the new LAYER > STAND IN LANDSCAPE menu item

3D Models

The EZ robot and the Easter Island statues are 3D models and rendered with the good old model layer:


The blue fog is created by applying the Camera/CameraFog effect to the camera layer:


The Montserrat font can be downloaded here:

Online media files

This show uses online textures and other media files. To download them to your hard disk, choose FILE > SAVE SHOW + ALL MEDIA FILES...


And yes, this show requires version 13:

Download media files (49.7 MB)

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Thank you for sharing

chaver, 7 years ago

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