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Here's a template to surprise your 5 to 10 years old daughter, son, niece or nephew.


The puppet is a model layer using the Avatar.x model and brought to life with the Special\Avatar effect. Both come with the installer.


The wings and steering wheel are EPS layers.

Grey effect

The Filters\Grey effect is applied to the camera layer with a FX GREY FACTOR value of 0.4 to make the colours a bit less childish.


The Bebas Neue font can be downloaded here:

And the Harabara Mais Demo font here:

Download media files (13.6 KB)

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WOW!!! beautiful show with awesome colours.

Dani, 6 years ago

michiel, I'm still getting the error message that system security won't allow downloading any of the .cfx files. I did go to Settings, Options, Internet Options and selected 'Clear All' but that hasn't helped. Any suggestions?

Disregard ... I just discovered your recommendation in my other comment and that worked. Thank You. I think it was the last step that made the difference.

MrGruntHunter, 6 years ago

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