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michiel | 12 years ago | 17 comments | 7 likes | 15,248 views

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My version of Warner Bros' logo animation.

The shiny, cartoony gold has been created by using a very blurred picture as a reflectionmap.

Download media files (480.5 KB)

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Looks great and by disecting the show and looking at the actual eps files the mysteries of the EPS effects are starting to become clear.

My problem with eps' is that when I save my file in Photoshop it produces a huge 5-7mb file. Do you know what settings I should be using to allow Bluff to import?

Thanks Dave

DaveH, 12 years ago

I use maddis' utility to create EPS files:

michiel, 12 years ago

Works a treat. I didn't realise I could save as jpg in photoshop and then convert.

Thanks for this show it's great


DaveH, 12 years ago

As you noticed, this is an EPS file. Easiest way is to create a new EPS file with PoTrace or with this utility:

michiel, 12 years ago

I love this! I have several logos that I have created for clients. How do I get them to look 3D like this one?

songweaver, 11 years ago

Thank you!

Are you aware that you can save all the media files of all the gallery shows to your harddisk? You can do that by choosing the menu item SETTINGS / TOOL WINDOW followed by FILE / SAVE SHOW + ALL MEDIA FILES.

This way you can examine the show and find out how it's done. If you have a specific question I'd be happy to answer it.

michiel, 11 years ago

Hi All,

I am extremely new to BT, so please accomodate a newbie!
I have downloaded the show files for this Warner Brothers example and have been examining it to try to determine how it has been put together. I have been able to change the text in the outer ring but was looking to see how to change the 'BT' in the centre of the logo (layer 09). I suspect that this is part of an 'EPS' file? does that mean I must edit that file outside of BT? I don't have access to Illustrator but I do have Photoshop CS5 and also Serif Drawplus which will import an eps file.

Thanks you for your help


Bald Runner, 7 years ago

I always use Potrace to create EPS files:

michiel, 7 years ago

Maybe you like Vincent's utility to create EPS files:

michiel, 7 years ago

Thanks for those replies. My brother is a Graphic Designer and has 'changed' the two central letters for me. However, when I try to use the replacement eps file (that he created), I get an error message stating 'BluffTitler can't handle' and a message about help with eps files. the only thing that I can see is that the new file that my brother changed is 250kb. Is that causing a problem? I renamed it the same as the original - Warnerbros_logo. Any ideas?



Bald Runner, 7 years ago

Tutorial Blufftitler 3D - Creating Logo EPS Model quickly

LostBoyz, 7 years ago

Mark, I'd be happy to fix your EPS file if you allow me to post it in this gallery as part of a new Warner Bros spoof.

You can e-mail it to

michiel, 7 years ago

Michiel, thanks. I fixed it myself. I'm not entirely sure how! I created a bmp file then used Potrace (as recommended by you) to create the eps file and it worked!
I'll send you the BT files when i have finished for the gallery if suitable.


Bald Runner, 7 years ago

My tool uses Potrace.
1) load pic
2) preview in BT to see if BT can handle it (adjust parameters if not)
3) save as eps if ok

vincent, 7 years ago

Thanks Vincent,

I have your utility. I registered it with you but I still have the 'D'. I thought that would be removed when I registered?


Bald Runner, 7 years ago

Bald, 'D' must be removed when registred. Try to launch program as administrator and re-enter activation code.

vincent, 7 years ago


I think I have fixed it. I opened program as administrator and it worked OK. I don't see the 'D' now.



Bald Runner, 7 years ago

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