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EverettM | 3 years ago | 11 comments | 1 like | 748 views

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Could someone please point me the directions to a .bt file on the proper usage of the clip.cfx effect
or how to find it in the user guide.
Thank you in advance.

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The documentation of the selected effect can be found in the MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT... dialog.

Does this answer your question? Please don't hesitate to let me know if you still have problems using this effect.

michiel, 3 years ago

Hi Michiel, thanks for the quick reply. I guess I just do not know how to use the user guide properly. When I go to MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT ... I cannot see anything on what clip.cfx properties do. Selecting the .cfx effect tells me about the right,left,top, and bottom settings. However where can I get the info on the other settings. I have tried using trial and error method with no success.

EverettM, 3 years ago

What would you like to do with the effect?

michiel, 3 years ago

I am just trying to transition thru 10 different images on a selected area of the display for the ad. I can do it with the transparency settings but it's not very eye catching. Carlos M does an incredible job with his transitions and I would like to understand his methods. I have his latest Bix Pack but that is mostly with text. I was hoping the documentation might help me.

EverettM, 3 years ago

Clipping pictures works the same as clipping texts. Clipping can be done in 3D, but when you want to keep it simple and clip only in 2D, limit yourself to the 1st and 2nd sliders of the FX CLIP PLANE POSITION property and the 3rd slider of the FX CLIP PLANE ROTATION property.

To contact Carlos, comment to any of his articles in this community or use his contact info at the bottom of any of his articles.

michiel, 3 years ago

Is the any place I can read and understand what the other parameters of .cfx are all about? I don't seem to be getting anywhere just playing with them.

EverettM, 3 years ago

No, but if you need more info, this is the place to ask your questions!

When you let me know what you would like to do I can give you step by step instructions.

michiel, 3 years ago

Here's what the FX CLIP PLANE ROTATION property does.

As you can see, it determines which part of the layer is being clipped.

That's what the clip effect does: it makes a part of your layer invisible.

To move the clip plane, use the FX CLIP PLANE POSITION property.

michiel, 3 years ago

Thanks Michiel, I understand what it does. I don't understand why when I stack a number of images on top of one another and clip the top image from the stack sequentially to the bottom I get black residue on the revealed image. If I use the transparency option there is no problem. The revealed image is perfect. That is why I thought my problem was one of the other clip.cfx settings. That is why I wanted to understand what those parameters do.

EverettM, 3 years ago

When all the pictures are placed at the exact same position, the depth buffer does not know which one should be visible.

Try switching to 3D IN BACKGROUND with the 2nd dropdown below the textbox. Sort layers from back to front.

michiel, 3 years ago

Perfect! That works. THANK YOU!

EverettM, 3 years ago

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