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NextPreviousHomeAVI file fails in Pinnacle Studio 12.1

dfrancois1 | 11 years ago | 16 comments | 6,143 views

I have a registered version of Bluff Titler ver 7.6.5. I am experiencing problems when I export as a movie and bring it into Pinnacle Studio ver 12.1. My settings are NTSC-DVD, uncompressed AVI with transperency. When I bring it into the album of Pinnacle, it sometimes says "error opening file", sometimes it just won't play and other times it will not allow me to bring it into the timeline. When using Studio ver 11.1, all works well. If I render the file to a DV-AVI file in Stu 11, it works fine in ver 12.1 except that the transperency is lost. Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem and I'm afraid it's random. I've tried clicking & re-clicking sometimes it works. I've resorted to using an earlier version of Pinnacle, right clicking on the file in the album review, setting the aspect ratio (I use 16:9), then Open 12.1 and all is well.
It's a real pain but it works, Dave

DaveH, 11 years ago

I tried your method, I have ver 11.1 and 12.1. Made a BT AVI, brought it into the album in 11. It worked fine in 11. I right clicked and clicked on 4 X 3. Opened ver 12.1, brought the BT file into the album. When I dragged it onto the timeline, it was only one frame in length. The length of the file in the album is 8 secs.

dfrancois1, 11 years ago

Here's an update.
I did some experimenting and found something that worked with three files I tested. Some things are a bit flaky, but the final product worked.

I took a show in BT, modified it for my needs, turned off the background. Set the resolution to NTSC DVD. Export as a movie, set the selection to 'compressed AVI with transparency. Since I set the selection to 'compressed', it now gave me a window to select different codecs. I selected "Full Frame (uncompressed). When I went to Studio, the file showed in the album window, as that's where I had left it, the file was showing, but wouldn't allow me to put it into the timeline. I then clicked on the folder to select the BT file, which came into the album window, now it would allow me to drag it to the timeline and it worked just fine, even the transparency.

You might give this a try and see how it works for you.

dfrancois1, 11 years ago

I'll give it a go.


DaveH, 11 years ago

Hello dfrancois1,

I tried your technic (with S 12.1), without success for PAL... For NTSC 4:3, it works (it works even with uncompressed AVI with transparency). For NTSC 16:9, I do not manage to obtain the 16:9 ratio.

Do you have any other solution ? Does anybody ever managed to import a BT show into Pinnacle Studio with or without transparency ? For the time being, I love Blufftitler, but I am completely stuck with the export for Pinnacle Studio (at least in 16:9)...

I tried PLENTY of things, with transparency, without, with green background, with background turned off... Without success. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. So I have *NO* solution which works 100% !

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Declic Video FX

Declic Video, 11 years ago

Declic Video FX
I use Dfancois1's technique and it works every time. The only other thing you could try is to delete any index file (for your problem file) that Pinnacle creates, this also works for me.

DaveH, 11 years ago

Hello DaveH,

Thanks for answering. Yes, as I said in my previous post, dfrancois1 technic works but only for NTSC DVD (which is 4:3 and not 16:9). Did you manage to do something for 16:9 ?

In addition, it fails ALL TIME with PAL settings (NTSC is ok).
So any help would be greatly appreciated. We are a couple of people trying to find a solution on Pinnacle forum, for the moment we did not arrive to any good method for a 100% reproductible method (which work for HDV, SD, 4:3 and 16:9).

Would be great if Michiel could give any advice or if he has any idea ??


Declic Video, 11 years ago

I think we should separate import issues in Studio and export issues of BT.

I completely agree with DV : whatever the settings (preset PAL DVD Widescreen or custom), export in 16:9 PAL with BT is defective. Instead of 720x576, DAR 16:9, PAR 1.42222, the resulting video is 720x576, DAR 5:4, PAR 1:1.

Remains the issues of importing videos with transparency in Studio 12.

I continue my tests.

saby, 11 years ago

An AVI movie file does not know anything about display aspect ratios. This information is simply not stored in the movie file, the AVI file format does not provide this. As a result you explicitely have to tell your NLE that your movie is widescreen or not.

More info about the widescreen standard can be found here:

michiel, 11 years ago

Declic Video FX

I too believe the issue is a bug in 12.1; the same video can be imported in 9/10/11. For info I am using PAL 16:9 and using dfrancois1 allow me to set the ration and use it ok.

As I said previously, I sometimes have to remove the ***.INDEX file as this sets the length of the clip to "zero" seconds.


DaveH, 11 years ago

Ooops, you're right michiel !

I'm too much used with Xvid encoding which includes the DAR info inside the video stream.

saby, 11 years ago

DaveH, you said: "{...} I am using PAL 16:9 and using dfrancois1 allow me to set the ratio {...}". dfrancois1 method is for 4:3. For 16:9, can you please give me details on how you achieve it and obtain success with S12.1 or S9 ?? (I do not have S10 or S11)

On my side, no success for 16:9... So you are all lucky or using 4:3 only ??...

Michiel, I read your link, but tell me if I am wrong: on my side, in Pinnacle Studio 12.1, I can *NOT* right click on a movie file and flag ASPECT RATIO to 16:9. It is automatically selected as 4:3, and I can *NOT* change it. Consequently, I am locked in 4:3 mode...
Studio 12.1 interpret systematically the movie as ordinary PAL 4:3 and not widescreen PAL.

Can you please try, saby, Michiel and DaveH and keep me informed ? Look to the link below for a screen capture.

PS: If S12.1 can not import BT file, I would prefer to know it, instead of fighting. :-)

Declic Video, 11 years ago

I have sometimes the same pb than you.

My solution : in the same folder than the video with "the Format d'image 16/9 + 4/3 in grey", try to right-click another file in order to switch between 16/9 and 4/3. After that, when you return to the problematic video, the aspect ratio flag should be then accessible.

saby, 11 years ago

Declic Video FX

There are two modes in Pinnacle; scene and file (button on top left next to drop down box)
Make sure you are on File view.
Double click file in question (icon, name etc)
Now right-click and change to 16:9


DaveH, 11 years ago

Thanks saby,

As discussed by phone, it works for you, but it does not for me... And the solution I found is working for me, but not for you... That's crazy !!! I think that I will stop searching for the moment, waiting Studio 14 to see if it solves the problem or not.

PS: On my side, the only solution --> export NTSC Widescreen, then import into Studio on a PAL project !...

Declic Video, 11 years ago

I have Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version 12. I have been able to seamlessly intergrade it in the Studio's storyline. First you have to export as a movie into a Blufftitler 'Exports' folder. Then open Pinnacle Studio. In the left top part of Studio interface you will see a number of thumbnails. Above those thumbnails there is a field with a list of video names. On its right there are two tiny folder buttons and an arched arrow pointing downward. Click on the right folder (left of the arrow). An 'Open' dialog box appears with a list of all your video. Click on the drop-down button and select Documents/My Documents, depending which OS you have, XP, Vista, windows 7 or 8. In My Documents find BluffTitler folder and open it. Find and then click on 'Exports'. Your saved BluffTitler video should be there. click and open it and it will automatically appear in the thumbnail page of Studio. If it is there as a thumbnail, it should easily blend into the storyline anywhere you like. If it doesn't, then it shouldn't be in the thumbnail. I have v 12.0 and I've no problem with inporting BluffTitler video. Although I admit, Studio v12 is a bit unstable in computers. Sometimes it unexplainably crashes on it's own, loses it's icon in the start-up menu, at other times it needs to be repaired. Earlier versions of Pinnacle, like v9 or 10 and 11, those were really tough and accepted some punishment, but v12, I lost count on how many times I had to repair it. And this was around a time when Pinnacle became Pinnacle/Avid, then Corel and now... I have no idea. I also use Cyberlink Power Director 11. I have no problem importing a BluffTitler's video in this powerful video editor as well and it streams better than Pinnacle Studio.

Fourfingers, 6 years ago

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