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Using Roller Coaster. Maybe a little tortuous for cars races
With next 3D Bixelangelo it will be possible to draw F1 circuits with nice banked trurns.

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Brilliant. Very creative and exciting!

Can't wait to see what you can do with Bixelangelo 4.0!

Preparations for the launch is going very well. Here's a design for the banner.

michiel, 2 years ago

Thank you Selina and Michiel .
some sketchs possible ?!:

vincent, 2 years ago

Awesome vincet!! :)

LostBoyz, 2 years ago

Great, Vincent

The model sticks very well to the track, just one question. Who won?

komies, 2 years ago

Thanks LB & komies, and the winner is.......Bix!

vincent, 2 years ago

Wonderful show..... Vincent won the race...

Dani, 2 years ago

Thank you Dani

vincent, 2 years ago

Wow - this is so cool! Great cars with lights. :-))
An F1 race track with the new Bixelangelo - that would be great!

Ulli, 2 years ago

Thank you Ulli

vincent, 2 years ago

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