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vincent | 2 years ago | 20 comments | 8 likes | 1,122 views

liuyongcai, SMSgtRod, komies and 5 others like this!

Bix 3D exploration

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Wonderful, Vincent

In the last weekend of the vacation.

komies, 2 years ago

thank you and happy holidays end Alex!

vincent, 2 years ago


SMSgtRod, 2 years ago


PAT67, 2 years ago

I love Bix the Astronaut and I am also working on a "Space Show".. :-))

Ulli, 2 years ago

Very good job and very impressive. Vincent, my great genius.

Jesus, 2 years ago

Thank you all, now Bix cosmonaut is equiped with real hands (hand layer).

vincent, 2 years ago

I'm sorry Vincent,

You just lost some points in admiration for you.

A propeller in space? are you kidding me?

Still a great fan.

komies, 2 years ago

Alex, this is the last Dyson patent, a Superheterodyne Bio Ionic intermolecular teleport system. LšŸ˜ƒL

vincent, 2 years ago

You only make it worse,

If this were a "Superheterodyne Bio Ionic intermolecular teleport system" then the user behind it would be demolecularized into negative space as bio homorganic material.

As you well know because you're Dum DumDum the inventor!

komies, 2 years ago

Not at all, by chance Bix have the anti-temporal-space-demolecularization spacesuit, and as you can see Bix is going very well....for the moment

vincent, 2 years ago

That's all fine and well

But the bigger question is that you didn't deny that you're Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson the Inventor.

And by the way, the only material that could withstand the anti-temporal-space-demolecularization stess would be Michielium a rare material only to be found at the Centre of Outerspace and it's colour, Viridian Green, Viridian Green I tell you and not White, DUSTED.

komies, 2 years ago

Yes but the danger is blue and without legs

vincent, 2 years ago

OMG, Things just became real LšŸ˜ƒL

EZ killed Bix, we've just seen the first robot controlled by SKYNET. It's the only explanation because EZ wouldn't do this on his own accord.

Judgments day is coming, Rise of the machines.

komies, 2 years ago

Those are all wonderful animations Vincent. Thank you for bringing Bix and EZ to life!

michiel, 2 years ago

Thank you michiel for our wonderful program

vincent, 2 years ago

Great OuterSpace oddity with Major Bix.


Filip, 2 years ago

thank you Filip.

vincent, 2 years ago

Vincent the master...Love it...

Dani, 2 years ago

i'm happy you love it, thank you.

vincent, 2 years ago

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