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vincent | 2 years ago | 14 comments | 11 likes | 936 views

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located in a quiet area only a short distance from the sea
Modern rooms, with balconies, very clean and fully equipped for all normal reqirements
It is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday at the seaside in a familiar environment enjoying a personal and accurate care.
$2000 (1900€) a week.
PS: no Wi-Fi, no Smartphones rings

Awning, cloth, sign string done with Bixelangelo sketchs

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Great Vincent !

Bix sleeps with his eyes open
You can not steal it ... LOL !

Franco Aversa, 2 years ago


Better Bix than me. Way too much water around the place.


SMSgtRod, 2 years ago

Franco, I had not thought of it, but you are right.
Or Heavenly Father Michiel forgot to give him eyelids, but we must remember that het is an Alien from Outerspace.
Sarge, you are right, the abuse of the water is dangerous.

vincent, 2 years ago

We could add a sleep mode to the Bix effect, but maybe it's easier to edit the texture to make his eyes green :)

Great animation!

Looks indeed like the perfect place to sleep and think. Where can I book?

michiel, 2 years ago


I joke, but I admire you, you're really good!

Franco Aversa, 2 years ago

Wonderful, Vincent

Everything is great but I really liked the petrol lamp.

Just don't know if it's the wisest choice 🔥of bix in a wooden cabin in the middle⚓ of the ocean. 😀

SWOOSH comes to mind.

komies, 2 years ago

Thank you all for you kind feedback.

vincent, 2 years ago

Bonjour Vincent,
Je pensais pas que tu étais rendu agent immobilier ou agent de voyages. J'espère que celle-ci n'est pas près de Corpus Christie présentement. Bon travail et très bon show.

Eddy, 2 years ago

Wonderful - I love it!!

@ Michiel

A sleep mode for the Bix effect would be great!

Ulli, 2 years ago

Vincent the show is perfect. But........ the prices.....The are clearly from outer space.
And, I like to add, the products of Outerspace are very affordable.
Can you solve this mystery?

Filip, 2 years ago

I tried to figure out how to make an open/closed eye animation and I found a simple solution....thnx to the comment of Michiel.

Filip, 2 years ago

Merci Eddy, non je n'ai pas (encore) d'agence immobilière ....
Thank you again Ulli
Filip yes, prices are high but include the solitary crossing of the ocean and the provisioning is made by helicopter (sorry for the noise), but you can opt for the line fishing, much less expensive but more risky.
Bix texture really goodl!

I hope Bix will survive to Hurricane Harvey

vincent, 2 years ago

Beautiful atmosphere...

Dani, 2 years ago

thank you Dani

vincent, 2 years ago

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