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amiga | 10 years ago | 4 comments | 4,783 views

Anyone remember where this came from? Sorry Michiel, you can't answer until you give others a chance...

Sorry if it isn't exactly like the original... I had to create it mostly from memory!

Download media files (3.2 KB)

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If your graphics card supports shader version 2 you can dramatically improve lighting by using the phong shader:

1) press the CHANGE EFFECT button
2) select PhongShader.fx

michiel, 10 years ago

I do! I still have the complete "suite" on my A4000... Ntitler, Lightwalker, Nwiper and aga-morph (I think). You needed a program called "X-trace" to make models from bitmap images. I still have a few shows on that machine. Since those days Im a fan of Michiels work.

alxtronics, 10 years ago

Thank you all. It makes me very happy to have such loyal friends!

And alxtronics, you just made me realize that Potrace / Maddis' utility serves the same purpose as X-trace on the Amiga. Some things never change :)

michiel, 10 years ago


Nice! I actually had to download WinUAE and point it to my old A4000 Towerized (Franken-miga) hard disc backup to remember what the LightWalker logo looked like. It was fun! Plus, I'm still amazed what Michiel was able to pull off with NTitler back then! Michiel, you still ROCK!

Thanks for all the great software from then to now!


amiga, 10 years ago

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