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NextPreviousHomeBlufftitler as a plugin ?

2ids | 3 years ago | 2 comments | 756 views

Hi Bluff-Team,
Is it possible to use blufftilter as a plugin? perhaps in the Future. It would be a cool combination with Iclone 7. What do you think about?

Go on with your amazing and brilliant work.

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Thank you for your request!

I can see how plugins can increase productivity. Here's the dilemma:

The more apps/plugins you run at the same time, the less memory is available for all these apps/plugins. This can mean slower response, longer rendering time and worse output quality.

For example, if BluffTitler can't find enough video memory, it automatically switches to a lower antialiasing quality, resulting in ugly jagged output. Freeing as much video memory as possible is getting increasingly important with 4K, VR and HDR. For this reason I never run BluffTitler and my NLE at the same time.

Maybe we will develop plugin versions of BluffTitler. But for the reasons outlined above I don't think I will ever use them myself.

michiel, 3 years ago

Hello Michiel,#
thank you very much for the answer. I know, what you mean....but today the computerpower is strong enough to do the job beside another running software. We use BT and Sony Vegas12 and Photoshop cs6 + Carrar 3D 8.5 all at the same time without reduced quality. Okay we have very good equipment but it should be the decision of the user wich software he is running at the same time...:-)

and BT as Plugin perhaps for Iclone7 and other realtime softwarepacks would be a big Deal :-).

Okay we are looking out for it and hope we will see it one day.

Go on with your amazing and excellent work.
We Love to Use BT in all our productions :-)

2ids, 3 years ago

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