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Captain Bix landing

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Very beautiful...

Sma, 2 years ago

Save landing and now the exploration of Venus..wat will he discover?

Great show vincent!

Filip, 2 years ago

Amazing show, Vincent

Is Bix looking for a women?
It is the hottest planet in our solar system.

komies, 2 years ago

Thank you all. i'm afraid that there is no bixette here!

vincent, 2 years ago

At 93 bar Bix would be about like a pancake.

Might I suggest a more hospitable place in the Solar system?

Have Bix scoot on over to Enceladus. No heavy atmosphere to contend with an awesome view of Saturn to boot.!

Now, I did like the landing at Venus. Soft touch down.....

SMSgtRod, 2 years ago

Wow love the atmosphere... GREAT job dear Vincent...

Dani, 2 years ago

Great lander! Would love to see more details!

BTW, I think Bix is a bit lost because with Saturn in the background this looks more like one of Saturn's moons. Maybe Titan.

michiel, 2 years ago

Thank you, yes Bix is roaming in the space to find a planet and maybe a wife too. Sarge, don't worry Bix has a hard head and He is not afraid of some bars or positive or negative degrees.

vincent, 2 years ago


Ulli, 2 years ago

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