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saby | 11 years ago | 3 comments | 2,001 views

Hello guys.

Just a newbee question :

I open a blank new project. In the Properties Listbox I choose Text Rotation and moove the 3rd slider (the one corresponding to the "z" axis).
The whole 3D Cartesian system has rotated following the z axis

Then I move the 1srt slider (the one corresponding to the "x" axis)
Why does the rotation is still done following a vertical axis instead of turning around the new position of the green axis ?

Thanks for your help

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I forgot to say one thing.

I solved the problem by rotating the camera but I saw in some shows in the globe effects section that without rotating the camera, the 3D Cartesian system turns effectively around the green axis if you follow my example.

saby, 11 years ago

The order of rotation is: heading (1st slider, y-axis), pitch (2nd slider, x-axis) and roll (3th slider, z-axis)

Of course any other order is possible, but this is what BT is using.

Next to rotating the camera you can also use the container layer to create what you want.

michiel, 11 years ago

Thanks a lot michiel.

It works as I want with the text layer attached to the container layer.

I'm saby from I'm testing your soft in order to be able to present it to our readers soon.

saby, 11 years ago

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