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chaver | 2 years ago | 10 comments | 6 likes | 561 views

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Lower thirds with Blufftitler

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Nice lower third....

Dani, 2 years ago

Cute! 🐦 🐦 🐦

michiel, 2 years ago

Thank you Michael and Dani

chaver, 2 years ago

Cute indeed 💓🐤

vincent, 2 years ago

Thank you Vincent

chaver, 2 years ago

Yeah chaver, you get an A+ for CUTE!! LOL

SMSgtRod, 2 years ago


persiana, 2 years ago

Thank you smsgtrod and persiana

chaver, 2 years ago

I like lower thirds and the birdies are cute, chaver!

Ulli, 2 years ago

Thank you Ulli

chaver, 2 years ago

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