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michiel | 4 years ago | 13 comments | 8 likes | 2,067 views

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At this moment, 10 translations are updated to version 13.7:
1 Chinese(Simplified)
2 Czech
3 English
4 Francais
5 Kreyol
6 Magyar
7 Nederlands
8 Russian
9 Suomi
10 Türkçe

Update any of the others, or create a new one, and earn a free copy of BixPack 25 - Mission to Mars:

How do I select a language?

-Click on the BROWSE button to the right of the LANGUAGE field

Where can I download the latest versions?

On the right side of this page:

How do I create a new translation?

Language files are text files and can be found in this folder:

Open English.txt in a text editor, for example Notepad, and translate everything *except* the upper case first line of every list.

When you use exotic characters, make sure to save with the UNICODE encoding.

How do try my own translation?

-Click on the BROWSE button to the right of the LANGUAGE field and select your own translation

How do validate my translation?

After selecting your own translation:
-Select the LOCALE tab

What if someone else was quicker than me?

We're sorry, only the first one receives a free copy.

To prevent this, you could use one of the following strategies:
-Check this page before starting to work
-Send us an e-mail before starting to work
-Be quicker

Where do I send my translation?

You can sen them here:

When will I receive my free copy?

As soon as the Mars pack has been launched.

Thank you!

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Thank you!  Michiel?

liuyongcai, 4 years ago

Thank! You! Michiel! Tried! But Couldn't do it. Don't understand how!
Oh Well! Someone probably all ready beat me! ?☹?

amigopegassero, 4 years ago

All I got was a message!
That said !
Blufftitler Now Speakes English!

amigopegassero, 4 years ago

Great ! Thank you Michiel

Jeep35, 4 years ago

I didn't understand what there is to be translated that has not already been translated?
Is there anything left to translate in Italian?
I use the program in English.

Franco Aversa, 4 years ago

Franco, when you select the LOCALE tab of the CONTROL F1 dialog you can see that the Italian translation is only 83% completed.

Amigopegassero, the "Excellent, BluffTitler now speaks English!" text is stored in the BluffTitler\Media\Locales\English.txt file. Open it in a text editor like Notepad and you will understand.

michiel, 4 years ago

We now need a fleet of space ship models to go with these :-)

MrGruntHunter, 4 years ago

So what do I do now! I opened it in a Notepad...ja ja ja ! I'm all late! ???

amigopegassero, 4 years ago

You have a lot of dust on your lens !!!!

Jeep35, 4 years ago


amigopegassero, 4 years ago

Your nickname tells me you speak Spanish. So this list could be translated as:


Note: the first, fully upper case, line of every list must not be translated.

michiel, 4 years ago

Ok!! So its gotta be done manually

amigopegassero, 4 years ago


liuyongcai, 2 years ago

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