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Another example to domesticate particles.
Mike, i hope this example is easier to understand the sytem principle Source layer/target Layer for particles.
You can resize target layer too at the same time you move or rotate it to vary funnel effect
there is an infinity of combinations.
You can play with particles too, timelife, size, emission, variation, min/max ....

Download media files (33.3 KB)

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Great and clear tutorial, Vincent

komies, a year ago

1.) Is the 'Target' Layer (layer 9) invisible or is that the little black circle/dot I see at the bottom and is that the same Rond.eps file from your other show only colored black?
2.) Are layers 9 and 10 the same Rond.eps file ?

MrGruntHunter, a year ago

Thank you vincent :)

LostBoyz, a year ago

THank you for sharing

chaver, a year ago

muy bien y gracias vicente

persiana, a year ago

Thank you all. Mike,
1) Layer 9 is invisible because transparency is set to 1, you can change it to 0 for understand
2) yes both eps are same file

vincent, a year ago

Awesome Vincent!

Thanks again to share your work !

snafu, a year ago

Love your practical solution!

Filip, a year ago

Merci beaucoup Vincent pour ces explications. A+

Eddy, a year ago

From everything I read about EPS files is that they are basically a graphic file that can be treated as a text file. Am I wrong about that or is that just an overly simplification?

If that's the case then, why can't you just use a text file with a single character (like just a period maybe) and apply the particles to that instead? Just trying to understand what the real advantage is in using an EPS file for the smoke effect I've been trying to achieve.

MrGruntHunter, a year ago

After you create a container and then your 3 EPS layers and then attaching a particle layer to one of the EPS layers, what are you selecting for particles? The 'smoke' particles doesn't show up. Are you not using the smoke particles? The only way I get the smoke particle to show up is if I create a stand alone particle layer

MrGruntHunter, a year ago

Thank you, Vincent!

Sma, a year ago

Thanks all. Mike, i believe i used BLUE WIND preset to attach to eps layer 10 then i changed CFX (with \Effects\NotLightenedSubtractive.cfx) and i have changed various properties (if you check ADD - SIGN TO NON-DEFAULT PROPERTIES in BluffTitler settings you 'll see all properties i have changed in properties listbox.
I used EPS as source and destination but you could use Text layers or Picture layers
Procedure :
Create new show
add container layer
add eps layer (adding to container) (SOURCE)
attach particles BLUE WIND to this eps
add eps layer (adding to container) (DESTINATION)
In the particles layer change CFX with NotLightenedSubtractive.cfx or not, verify modified properties (sign -) and very IMPORTANT set the number of DESTINATION layer as value in TARGET LAYER property

vincent, a year ago

Vincent, you are a very good teacher! 👍

Ulli, a year ago

Merci Vincent pour le partage et le tuto associé
Je vais mettre tout à l'abri avant que ça parte en fumée !

PAT67, a year ago

Thank you Ulli, et merci PAT, j'aime bien votre humour!

vincent, a year ago

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