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Ufo landing - Alex, finally I posted it with some adds 😉

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Bix sure knows how to build UFOs! Great show!

michiel, a year ago

Close Encounters of the Third Kind !! We got them !

Jeep35, a year ago

Wow - fantastic show, Vincent!
I love the Ufo with the lights.

Ulli, a year ago

Great, Vincent

Subtle differences, with great effect.

komies, a year ago

Thank you all

vincent, a year ago

Vicente, cada vez que publicas un show, me quedo con la boca abierta viéndolo.
Se ve que tienes una capacidad técnica asombrosa y un manejo de blufftitler impresionante.

persiana, a year ago

Wow scifi with bluff. Love the flying saucer.

Filip, a year ago

Gracias persiana & thank you Filip

vincent, a year ago

well done

chaver, a year ago

Nice animation!

Sma, a year ago

Amazing job! vincent

Sma, a year ago

(2) .../articles grouping

vincent, a year ago


vincent, a year ago

Hi Vince
About Earth animation with particles, you can say a few more about the creation ?

Sorry, this doesn't concern this thread but that with particles animations !!!!

Jeep35, a year ago

JP, models are used as target layer for particles, ie: you can recognize Bix in the 3rd show (PARTICLES BALLET) of the article.

vincent, a year ago

Great effects on the Voyager. Really have to try this. And travelling interstellar, who would decline, if there's such a perfect view.

Absolute stunning shows, Vincent!

Thor5ten, a year ago

Thank you very much Thor5ten!

vincent, a year ago

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