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vincent | a year ago | 11 comments | 16 likes | 879 views

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[Download] Scroller effect BT file

Download media files (26.5 KB)

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Thanks for sharing!

snafu, a year ago

GREAT Vincent !! Thanks for sharing.
maybe even if you see from the layers like you did,
it would be better to combine a brief explanation why
some steps can be complex by analyzing
the layers.
Did you use an EPS with the filmstrip effect and the colormap?

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Cool Idea and could have some fun playing with layer variables etc :) thank you Vincent

Pixelpanther, a year ago

Franco, i did not use EPS with the filmstrip and colormap but all expériences are welcome.
It's true that i did give explanations because the bt file doesn't have a lot of layers but here is the principe
in a new show
- add a colourmap layer (set resolution to 1024x1024 or more to increase quality)
- add a camera to colourmap (mandatory)
- add a scoller layer to colourmap
now colourmap is ready for use.
Unselect colourmap and select camera (layer#1) to avoid next layers added are inserted to the colourmap
- add an eps layer or a picture layer
- press F8 to change texture/effect
- select the colourmap as texture1
- select \Effects\Special\ParticleFilmstripAdditive.cfx as effect
now you can play with FX Filmstrip frames, texture position, texture size, you can also play with scroller layer parapmeters.
In my example i have a container because there are 3 eps textured wit colourmap to show the differences according selected eps bevel : straight slices, flat etc...
there are a lot of parameters to experiment.

vincent, a year ago

Thanks Vincent,
it's because I did not understand so much how coloring works!
Now I understand !

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Merci pour le partage

PAT67, a year ago

Awesome thank you vincent!

LostBoyz, a year ago

muy bien vicente muchas gracias

persiana, a year ago

Cool idea, Vincent! And thank you very much for sharing!

Ulli, a year ago

Thank you Vincent...nice effect.

Dani, a year ago

Gracias vicente por compartir.

Jesus, a year ago

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