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vincent | a year ago | 14 comments | 10 likes | 796 views

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Lost in deep space (customized FALCON)

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Nice details, I recon it's a ship with fierce warriors!

Filip, a year ago

fierce and brave..Thanks Filip

vincent, a year ago

Oh wow, this is WONDERFUL! Did you really build this inside Bluff?

My father and I built a wooden Millennium Falcon in the seventies. At the time I was not allowed to watch the movies because it was 12 years and older. This is everything how I imagine a 2018 version!!!

I've seen Solo last Wednesday, the day it came out, and I loved every bit of it. Woody Harrelson did something similar to what Harrison Ford did for Episode IV.

Great great great!

michiel, a year ago

Thank you Michiel.
A wooden M Falcon ?!! How many pieces for this model ?
That must be complicated as well as if I had made this one with EPS but i rather opted for a container in which I placed submodels according to the used filters (cfx).
Star Wars is a great saga!

vincent, a year ago

So you did build this inside Bluff. That's truly amazing.

You must have used thousands of layers. I would be great if we could find a way to export all those layers as a single 3D model file. That would make it more useful to others. Are you using effects that change the shape, like for example Text\Bender and Text\TypeBall? If you did not, making such an exporter would be possible.

About our wooden version, it was much much less detailed than yours.

michiel, a year ago

Epoustouflant de détail ,Vincent tu es le maître de l'espace

PAT67, a year ago

Merci Patrick, ca va me prendre du temps pour explorer mon fief 😉
Michiel, i use only cfx for textures, reflections and cubemaps (no deformation effects) but how to export as ONE model if we have parts with different cfx settings ie: windscreen with transparency?
It is these various settings that improve the ensemble.
Or maybe have a multiple selection of layers (or container) to export as model

vincent, a year ago

If you don't use deformation effects, exporting a container as a model can be implemented. A submodel for every layer would be the most practical I think.

Another thing is copyright. Why don't you design your own spaceships? This removes all limitations: you can publish the media files in this community, we can use it to promote BluffTitler and we can start thinking about a spaceships BixPack!

michiel, a year ago

I don't design my own spaceships because i'm not a pro model designer, i'm just playing with BluffTitler to create non-commercial small animations.
I do not have knowledge (yet) to create sophisticated models but i'm working on...

vincent, a year ago

Awesome! I love the spaceship!

Ulli, a year ago

Thank you very much Ulli, you're kind.

vincent, a year ago

Awesome vincent!! :)

LostBoyz, a year ago

Thank you LostBoyz.

vincent, a year ago

Vincent, are these models etc. available for anyone to download and use, or are they only your private collection?

Bansaw, a year ago

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