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Decorating a shiny 3D Text with bright green Vomit 🤮

michiel | 3 days ago | 8 comments

Here's a portrait version of an installer show, published as a YouTube Short. The original, landscape... Read Article

Moon Rocket Launching a Text Message

michiel | a week ago | 13 comments

Here's a template that can be used for a WhatsApp message to your wannabe astronaut friends. 3D... Read Article

Anaconda vs Robotic Spider

michiel | a week ago | 10 comments

A confrontation between an anaconda and a robotic spider. Between biology and technology. Between a... Read Article

Robotic Arms writing a glowing Text

michiel | 3 weeks ago | 14 comments

Here's a YouTube short in which 2 robotic arms write a glowing text. The 2 robotic arms are rendered... Read Article

Animate your 3D Model with the VJ Oscillator

michiel | 3 weeks ago | 5 comments

In this show the model, text and picture layers are animated with the VJ oscillator. To see how it works,... Read Article

Walking Avatar with Sombrero and Alien

michiel | 3 weeks ago | 7 comments

Here's our first YouTube Shorts video. With download! Models The 3D models are not included, but... Read Article

Elvis Enigma

michiel | a month ago | 18 comments

Here's my solution to the Elvis Enigma: The glow effect requires 16.1.... Read Article

Merry Christmas and a Magical 2023

michiel | 3 months ago | 20 comments

Have a Merry Christmas and a Magical 2023! The avatar has been created with Ready Player Me: Read Article

Juggling Octopus

michiel | 5 months ago | 16 comments

The possibility to attach a container layer to a model joint is very powerful: Read Article

Fire Elemental

michiel | 5 months ago | 11 comments

Here's an example how you can spice up an animated 3D model with BluffTitler effects. Model The... Read Article

T-Pose effect

michiel | 8 months ago | 39 comments

Character animation is a bit out of scope for a video titler, but because many asked for this, here's... Read Article

Speedy Recovery Filip!

michiel | 8 months ago | 11 comments

Yesterday, hidden in the comments, we read the following news: Filip, we... Read Article

Tennis Ball

michiel | 9 months ago | 15 comments

A 3D sketch in the shape of the tennis ball curve. The glossy effect is produced by the ProceduralTextures\ShinePlus... Read Article

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chaver: Thank you very much Vincent and LostBoyz 24 minutes ago

vincent: Nice rock song chaver. 34 minutes ago

LostBoyz: FANTASTIC music and cool show chaver! 43 minutes ago

LostBoyz: Thanks for all your nice comments! Jeep35, 46 minutes ago

Jeep35: Hi LostBoyz, Would you have a link for the background... 2 hours ago

vincent: Chaver, it's a good question. Cars seem more 3D... 2 hours ago

PAT67: Spectacle attendrissant 3 hours ago

chaver: How do you animate the car ? 9 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Exceptional! The screenwriter, the cameraman, the sound... 11 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Superbe Short Show, DecentralizeD ! Félicitations... 11 hours ago

Decentralized: This version has a few adjustments here and there.... 18 hours ago

Eddy: Une nouvelle amitié. Bravo LostBolyz 23 hours ago

Decentralized: wow, looks incredible, with such emotions, Well done,... a day ago

Decentralized: Thanks everyone, much appreciated. Lightads, it seems... a day ago

lightads: Awesome show. I'm learning a lot going thru these... a day ago

bambamD: thanks for notice me Mister Michiel, will try it..let... a day ago

nonnogio: Tutto molto bello e poetico. Bravo a day ago

michiel: I think when you export as FBX and use Windows 3D Viewer... a day ago

chaver: Very good LostBoyz a day ago

JohnatSkillsloft: Jaw dropping stuff.. When is the movie due out? ... a day ago

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