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BixPack 33 | City Lights

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 13 comments

The latest template pack explores the power of the new Interiormap effect. This effect turns simple models... Read Article

Bix Nation

Filip | 16 hours ago | 5 comments

Bix Nation is the sphere spacecraft. Bix and his allies wander through deep space do they ever meet a... Read Article

Star Trek TNG Logo with Interior Mapping Effect

Thor5ten | 21 hours ago | 4 comments

Been away for too long. But the interior mapping effect inspired me profoundly. Used the single... Read Article

Questions about interior map

vincent | a day ago | 10 comments

Michiel, could you detail a little more how work FX Interiors Pattern 1, FX Interiors Pattern 2, Repeat... Read Article

F 35 fighter jet song

chaver | a day ago | 4 comments

F 35 fighter jet song that i have composed. f35 plane animated in blufftitler Read Article

Translators wanted!

michiel | a day ago | 3 comments

The current version is now 100% translated into: -Simplified Chinese -English -Francais -Kreyol... Read Article


michiel | a day ago | 8 comments

The new Interiormap effect has been designed for the creation of skyscrapers: Read Article

Media Sphere

vincent | a day ago | 12 comments

Experimentations with Colourmap + InteriorMapping Read Article


chaver | 2 days ago | 6 comments

Hi.Often shows are running slow .But when i restart my computer it runs fast again.But why do i need... Read Article


vincent | 2 days ago | 4 comments

Michiel, on my computer i have last version of bluffTitler (14.6) and an old (11) that i keep to open... Read Article

Matrix Just for fun

vincent | 2 days ago | 2 comments

The good old time (1981) of MS Dos, copy this : @echo off pause color 0a :a echo... Read Article

How to play a BluffTitler show on a digital signage screen

michiel | 2 days ago | 1 comment

The huge digital signage screens in the City Lights pack are model layers: Read Article

Visualizar los archivos Eps

persiana | 2 days ago | 2 comments

Hay alguna forma de visualizar los archivos EPS en el lugar que están archivados igual que vemos... Read Article

Polices Bixpack 33

maggico | 2 days ago | 2 comments

J'ai fait l'acquisition de Bixpack 33 mais je ne parviens pas à télécharger... Read Article

I will continue to....

taotao000001 | 4 days ago | 7 comments

Dear Michiel, I have completed....^+++++++^ But I will continue to.... Read Article

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persiana: Muy bien 15 hours ago

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