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Fresh new BixPack 35 promo

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 8 comments

Here's a fresh new BixPack 35 promo! This video explains how you can use the bumper templates... Read Article

Animated Fun text

Filip | 7 hours ago | 2 comments

Michiel, it would be great when we could make animated fun text. attach one (or more) filmstrip(s) (sprite)... Read Article

Le téléphone

cheyenne | 9 hours ago | 11 comments

Bonjour à tous Read Article

Subway simulation

vincent | 10 hours ago | 14 comments

eps subway Read Article

Can't access some layers, version 14.8.02

Alleyoop | 12 hours ago | 6 comments

Hi, I'm working on a Water Layer Title. I modified a Beaufort Template and achieved a pretty good... Read Article

En voiture

cheyenne | a day ago | 10 comments

Belle journée à tous Read Article

Cubes Dance

Dani | a day ago | 5 comments

(: Read Article

cabina desinfectante

Kanon | 2 days ago | 6 comments

My header Read Article

Made For Each Other..

Dani | 2 days ago | 5 comments

(: Read Article


cheyenne | 2 days ago | 9 comments

Petite vidéo réalisé avec des images récupéré sur le net ... Read Article

Camera Tracking.

steveg | 2 days ago | 3 comments

I'm not sure if the title is the right term. I would like the camera to travel past some planets... Read Article

When can we Beta Test Bluff 64 bit

lightads | 3 days ago | 2 comments

Awhile ago there was talk of beta testing Bluff 64 bit. Is that still on the cards? Read Article

Transparent Lower Thirds for LIVE streaming

AllanADL | 3 days ago | 7 comments

G'day I have owned Bluff Titler a long while. I used it to great success as intros to teaching... Read Article

Le BIX alsacien a trouvé sa BIX alsacienne.

PAT67 | 5 days ago | 8 comments

Dans le lien partagé vous trouverez tous les éléments du montage sauf le bretzel... Read Article

vegas pro 14 incompatible

TME | 5 days ago | 5 comments

It seems that BT is not compatible with Sony Vegas Pro 14. Is anyone else using this NLE and had problems... Read Article

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cheyenne: Merci Eddy 6 minutes ago

Eddy: Bravo cheyenne pour ce magnifique show. Quel travail.... an hour ago

cheyenne: Merci Alex-Raymond T an hour ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Gros travail, beau résultat, joli montage !... an hour ago

Alex-Raymond T.: De nouveau, et je me répète: Bravo Vincent... an hour ago

cheyenne: Merci Pat67 3 hours ago

PAT67: Trop rigolo ,en effet un super alphabet en perspective 3 hours ago

PAT67: Bravo cheyenne un beau spectacle et quelle patience... 4 hours ago

PAT67: Extraordinaire Vincent aussi bien la rame de métro... 4 hours ago

Jesus: Fantastic!! 4 hours ago

michiel: Fun show! 1) I think attaching the text and the... 4 hours ago

cheyenne: Merci pour vos commentaires 5 hours ago

lightads: Great show Vincent. Very real feel about the bumpy... 5 hours ago

lightads: Great work. I tried one similar to this and it was... 5 hours ago

vincent: Mike just an understudy 😉😉. Thank you Filip... 5 hours ago

komies: Nice 6 hours ago

komies: Very nice, Vincent 6 hours ago

michiel: Thank YOU 😘 6 hours ago

Filip: Very good show, love the use of the swiping hand. 7 hours ago

Filip: Great show Vincent, a real eps master! 7 hours ago

Alleyoop: Ok, I've upgraded to Ultimate thanks. The machine... 7 hours ago

JCB: Michiel, Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.... 7 hours ago

vincent: Encore un super show avec sans doute beaucoup de travail... 8 hours ago

MrGruntHunter: OK Vincent ... confess now ... is that you standing... 8 hours ago

vincent: Merci cheyenne et thank you Roberto, Here, i tried... 8 hours ago

roberto666: AWESOME! 8 hours ago

cheyenne: Encore un très Grand spectacle Vincent Bravo 9 hours ago

vincent: Thank you michiel and LB. The dificulty here iwas to... 9 hours ago

LostBoyz: :D Fantastic show vincent! :) 10 hours ago

Alleyoop: OK, I see the information on Ultimate Version, thanks.... 10 hours ago

michiel: Bix as a pole dancer in a the subway 😁 Thanks... 10 hours ago

michiel: Aha, that explains it! For your personal upgrade... 10 hours ago