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The Moon pack has been launched!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 10 comments

The latest template pack offers 30 (+10 bonus!) Moon templates. Fly in low Moon orbit over the Aristarchus... Read Article

Flexibility property

Filip | 6 days ago | 10 comments

A text tot text transition with the use of the following properties: - Text rotation - Pivot point... Read Article

A nice quiet place.

vincent | 6 days ago | 17 comments

Un petit voyage dans les canalisations. Read Article

Tutoriel pour débutants 009 : Notion de conteneur 3 sur 4

maggico | 6 days ago | 6 comments

Le conteneur est créé avant les calques images et texte Bonjour, Au cours de cette... Read Article


napoleon | 6 days ago | 3 comments

Pls where and how do I get 3D Title Motion Pro - Pack 01 for Blufftitler 13 Ultimate. Regards Read Article

another animation

Franco Aversa | 6 days ago | 4 comments

tab labels.... the things included in the pages are only examples, the animation is in the pages... Read Article

@request for Michiel "loop animation"

Franco Aversa | a week ago | 5 comments

Hi Michiel, I bring you a request from my user, I don't know what this thing is for because I would... Read Article


Teacherman | a week ago | 2 comments

I have the latest version of Windows 10 on a Razer laptop (NO memory issues) It finished rendering... Read Article

This Dinosaur.....

SMSgtRod | a week ago | 7 comments

.... is having fun with the GIF capability of BT....... anyone found any Easter Eggs? Read Article


Franco Aversa | a week ago | 11 comments

in this animation the liquid is made with an eps with a round profile and a very enlarged pen to fill... Read Article

Traductor de google

persiana | a week ago | 3 comments

aunque mi pregunta no trata sobre Blufftitler, espero que alguien me conteste. No hay manera de que... Read Article

moving lattice grid

Franco Aversa | a week ago | 5 comments

it is possible to create an effect that generates a "network" a "lattice" moving... Read Article

Tutoriel pour débutants 009 : Notion de conteneur 2 sur 4

maggico | a week ago | 7 comments

Les calques images et texte sont créés avant le conteneur. Bonjour, Au cours de... Read Article

In memory of Bud Spencer

LostBoyz | a week ago | 9 comments

In memory of Bud Spencer Read Article

What does Export to Filmstrip produce?

lightads | a week ago | 15 comments

I now have a long film strip image but what can I do with it? Also noticed that VJ_PoundingSpeaker.cfx... Read Article

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Franco Aversa: ohh no the "Earth flat society" 5 hours ago

Franco Aversa: use the playlist and upload all your shows, then render.... 5 hours ago

Franco Aversa: if you want you can get it by adjusting the flexibility... 5 hours ago

lightads: Yes sir that would be fantastic. Heres a screen... 6 hours ago

lightads: Great !! She is indeed flat sir, you have done well 6 hours ago

michiel: Lighting is a challenge. How we can render the very... 10 hours ago

michiel: The clouds have been rendered with the Earth_Clouds.png... 10 hours ago

michiel: Lightads, so you want the video and audio to play slower... 11 hours ago

michiel: Miguel, maybe this tutorial helps: 11 hours ago

lightads: Neat. Shoulda done a blink as you zoomed 12 hours ago

lightads: I'm syncing it to audio with quick beats. I can't... 12 hours ago

Miguel Ramirez M: Hello michel, you can do a tutorial on how to install... 22 hours ago

Sma: OK VincentπŸ˜€πŸ˜…πŸ™‚ 22 hours ago

Sma: @SMSgtRod Thx :) you got it Address changed... 22 hours ago

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Sma: @vincent There was another reason I made it short... a day ago

Sma: @vincent Work and learning As a result, this makes... a day ago

komies: Set show with a longer Set Show Duration and use undo... a day ago

SMSgtRod: Sma..... they call him Mello Yellow!! a day ago

vincent: Nice, but why so short ? a day ago

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Sma: ThxπŸ™‚ a day ago

michiel: Iconic! a day ago

elvis66: Vincent Yes, that's right😊 2 days ago

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persiana: Muy bien Elvis 3 days ago

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