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Flower templates!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 13 comments

It's springtime, the sun is shining and it's Mother's Day. It's time for... flower templates! Bix... Read Article


Filip | 5 days ago | 5 comments

@Jeep35 This is my best try out sofar. Maybe it gives other BT friends better ideas. You can down... Read Article


elvis66 | 5 days ago | 3 comments Read Article

Damage effect on rusty metal

Jeep35 | 6 days ago | 8 comments

How could we do this effect in BT ? Read Article


elvis66 | 6 days ago | 7 comments Read Article


elvis66 | 6 days ago | 5 comments Read Article

Extrude along the sketch

Franco Aversa | 6 days ago | 7 comments

Request: in the sketch layer is possible set the profile as a star or other figures, is possible se... Read Article

CFX question

vincent | 6 days ago | 4 comments

Michiel, would it be possible to have a MotionBlur cfx for pics or text to obtain something like thi... Read Article

Hippo cartoon 2

bigfish | a week ago | 3 comments

Ok.Crucify me for pushing same button. But, BT people, thats a wonderful thing we can speak and shar... Read Article

Why Raleway is such a fine font

michiel | a week ago | 1 comment

BixPack 28 uses the Raleway font. One reason why this is such a fine font is because it has nice ... Read Article


vincent | a week ago | 11 comments

A little voyage with our friends EZ & Bix Read Article

ruined images

Franco Aversa | a week ago | 2 comments

a subscriber to my YouTube channel contacted me because when he inserts pictures in BluffTitler they... Read Article

Sons of Anarchy Lazer Effekt

elvis66 | a week ago | 8 comments

Sons of Anarchy Lazer Intro Read Article


elvis66 | a week ago | 5 comments

Wedding Inteo Read Article

Field of Poppies

Ulli | a week ago | 4 comments

Hi my dear BluffTitler Friends, few weeks ago I wanted to create an Poppy Field - but I don´t had... Read Article

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Latest comments

vincent: Nice show! 23 minutes ago

vincent: Joel, Filip and LB : Thanks a lot for you positive... 25 minutes ago

vincent: 😄😄😄😄😄😄! an yes, this show ifs a historic document... 27 minutes ago

LostBoyz: AWESOME vincent!! :) 3 hours ago

LostBoyz: Cool! :) 3 hours ago

Filip: Great show Vincent, Bix is driving dangerously slo... 4 hours ago

Filip: Wow like to go there on a vacation :-) 4 hours ago

SMSgtRod: HOG time!! 7 hours ago

SMSgtRod: Max Different 7 hours ago

IntroChamp: Vincent, the tunnel is fascinating! Great textures... 8 hours ago

vincent: Thank you, thank you very much Ulli. 10 hours ago

Ulli: Wonderful clear room, Dani! 11 hours ago

Ulli: This is so beautiful, Filip! I love the Flower Bi... 11 hours ago

Ulli: Very nice vacation Intro. 11 hours ago

Ulli: Awesome! The tunnel and the car are wonderful, Vin... 12 hours ago

elvis66: really crazy but good 13 hours ago

Dick (FOV): Maybe I am wrong, but I expect adding only a beat... 13 hours ago

vincent: very cleanical 14 hours ago

vincent: 😄 😄 😄 😄 !! Very funny show, I did not know that ou... 14 hours ago

Filip: Nice and bright room, love it! 15 hours ago

Filip: Like to see the movie :-) 15 hours ago

SMSgtRod: Very nice Dani 15 hours ago

elvis66: is really good 15 hours ago

elvis66: Thank you Dani 15 hours ago

michiel: With the audio layer: 16 hours ago

Dani: Great show...nice concept... 17 hours ago

Dani: Thank you dear friends.... 17 hours ago

SMSgtRod: Well done.....! 21 hours ago

michiel: An audio file is nothing more than a list of peaks... 23 hours ago

Dick (FOV): @Vincent Thanks for showing one of the "problems"... a day ago

Ulli: Beautiful show and happy vacation, Dani! a day ago

Ulli: Cool idea and thank you for sharing, Vincent! a day ago


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