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Walking Avatar with Sombrero and Alien

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 7 comments

Here's our first YouTube Shorts video. With download! Models The 3D models are not included, but... Read Article

Decorating a shiny 3D Text with bright green Vomit 🤮

michiel | 4 days ago | 8 comments

Here's a portrait version of an installer show, published as a YouTube Short. The original, landscape... Read Article

Use the ElectroGyroCopter!

Alex-Raymond T. | 6 days ago | 10 comments

Basé sur le même système de recharge électrique que la "Dolean"... Read Article

Trance Vol.2

LostBoyz | 6 days ago | 8 comments

I wish everyone a nice weekend with this video! Read Article

Battle for the cake.

Filip | 6 days ago | 4 comments

Michiel suggested to create a video like this. I think I overexaggerated. So the video creation leans... Read Article

Ufo Attack

LostBoyz | 6 days ago | 14 comments

I don't like this resolution, but I made a video anyway, only because Bix loves him 😉 Read Article

And again.

Filip | a week ago | 6 comments

When you create a message for stories or shorts, Tiktok etc. you have to go up, so the cake is huge Read Article

Blufftitler used within Powerpoint test - a bit of fun.

JohnatSkillsloft | a week ago | 7 comments

BluffTitler and PowerPoint used together, mostly with Blufftitler video (clips). With a little bit of... Read Article

Narrowcasting opens up a lot of opportunities

Filip | a week ago | 8 comments

An average video on Youtube scores only in the first periode with a maximum of say 75 hits. One reel... Read Article

Shorts presented as Digital Signage

michiel | a week ago | 9 comments

This video presents our first YouTube Shorts as digital signage (narrowcasting) screens in a sci-fi corridor.... Read Article

Perfect Loop

Decentralized | a week ago | 9 comments

Since the video shorts like to loop on websites like YouTube. Why not make a perfect loop. To get an... Read Article

Racing Car - Test Draft

Alex-Raymond T. | a week ago | 14 comments

Media files 17.1 Mo: Un brouillon de test en complément de la suggestion... Read Article


Filip | a week ago | 6 comments

Sometimes you see a nice 3d model and you want to do something creative with it. The... Read Article

Bunny dance

LostBoyz | a week ago | 12 comments

Kids room interior design work by LB 😂 Models DL, Read Article

Moon Rocket Launching a Text Message

michiel | a week ago | 13 comments

Here's a template that can be used for a WhatsApp message to your wannabe astronaut friends. 3D... Read Article

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vincent: Perso, je ne vois pas de différence en rendant... 3 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Merci de ta rapidité, Vincent. En effet cela... 3 hours ago

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Franco Aversa: Short videos have a lot of potential to attract to... 6 hours ago

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michiel: The missing link between the octopus 🦑 and Bix 👽! 10 hours ago

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Franco Aversa: Thank you Michiel !! 11 hours ago

michiel: Every power button has a corresponding menu item. For... 12 hours ago

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Decentralized: Good jam, Chaver. The text looks amazing, well done. 21 hours ago

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vincent: Nice rock song chaver. a day ago

LostBoyz: FANTASTIC music and cool show chaver! a day ago

LostBoyz: Thanks for all your nice comments! Jeep35, a day ago

Jeep35: Hi LostBoyz, Would you have a link for the background... a day ago

vincent: Chaver, it's a good question. Cars seem more 3D... a day ago

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