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PAT67 | 2 months ago | 12 comments

Made in minutes with Blufftitler and his new Titles show Thanks Michiel Fait en quelques minutes... Read Article

Tutoriel pour débutants 006 animation de texte Partie 2

maggico | 2 months ago | 6 comments

Après avoir étudié les animations simples et les effets physiques dans la leçon... Read Article


Miguel Ramirez M | 2 months ago | 1 comment


Tutoriel pour débutants 005.1 Animation de texte partie 1

maggico | 2 months ago | 6 comments

Ce document traite des animations simples et des Effets Physiques ; d’autres types d’animations... Read Article

Win64-4K ffmpeg-MP4 encoder rendering

liuyongcai | 3 months ago | 8 comments

Win64-4K ffmpeg-MP4 encoder rendering Read Article

Chambre 168

vincent | 3 months ago | 15 comments

Scary corridors (thanks to michiel for the suggestion) Read Article

Graphics Cards Revisited – aka, Dinner with Komies

amiga | 3 months ago | 5 comments

Hi everyone, especially Alex (@komies)! An apology, as this isn’t directly a BT related... Read Article

How to install FFmpeg

michiel | 3 months ago | 15 comments

By default, BluffTitler uses the MP4 encoder that is built into Windows. If you are not happy with this... Read Article

Bix has an hot summer (version 2)

Filip | 3 months ago | 5 comments

To make almost all wished come true I made an improved version: With Hawaiian Music, a thermometer,... Read Article

EPS livrés avec BluffTitler version 14.2

maggico | 3 months ago | 8 comments

Voici un petit montage permettant de connaitre rapidement le nom du fichier EPS. Il suffit de faire... Read Article

A propos du spectacle EPS ""

maggico | 3 months ago | 4 comments

Je suis en train d'étudier les calques EPS et je regarde le montage "" ... Read Article

Bouncing/stand in.../Float on..

Filip | 3 months ago | 1 comment

Michiel there are many cool features in BT. For this question I want to refer to the possibility of Bouncing... Read Article

Bix has a hot summer

Filip | 3 months ago | 8 comments

The Bix's enjoy a hot summer vacation. Read Article

YouTube Awards 2019

LostBoyz | 3 months ago | 12 comments

YouTube Awards 2019 Read Article

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IntroChamp: Thank you Vincent and Alex! It's true that more... 2 hours ago

komies: Wonderful, Joel Also a lesson for me to learn.... 9 hours ago

vincent: Great clip Joel! I must admit that holding the camera... 9 hours ago

Ulli: Beautiful, Jesus! a day ago

vincent: romantic Jesus a day ago

stcyhood: I know, I don't understand the color thing either,... 3 days ago

Ulli: I like both versions! 4 days ago

Eddy: I like this one too. Thank you for sharing. 4 days ago

Eddy: Bravo Robert, Very beautiful. 4 days ago

Robert Urbina: lightads the effect is called masked 4 days ago

Robert Urbina: Thank you so much Franco Aversa and LostBoyz 4 days ago

vincent: Thank you friend 4 days ago

michiel: Franco, yes it's important to use a recent version... 4 days ago

LostBoyz: Awesome! 4 days ago

LostBoyz: Cool, thank you JeepNL. 4 days ago

LostBoyz: Very Nice persiana! :) 4 days ago

LostBoyz: Awesome vincent!! :) 4 days ago

Franco Aversa: Thanks Michiel 4 days ago

Franco Aversa: Very professional. 4 days ago

Franco Aversa: the only thing I want to add is that Vegas is now from... 4 days ago

vincent: Good luck stcyhood for your work. 4 days ago

stcyhood: Thank you so much for all this great information! ... 4 days ago

vincent: Thank you all, C'est en effet pas mal de boulot,... 4 days ago

michiel: Indeed, clean and elegant! Lightads, I think Robert... 4 days ago

PAT67: Vincent tu es une icone sur ce forum , comme Buffalo... 4 days ago

PAT67: Belle présentaion 4 days ago

michiel: When exporting in 4K you need all the video memory... 4 days ago

michiel: Choose the menu item FILE > Set show resolution...... 4 days ago

lightads: What effect did you use? Also, what is the elegant... 4 days ago

ultra: Congratulations on the spectacular Fox logo you certainly... 4 days ago

Jesus: This is an impressive show, congratulations Vincent! 4 days ago

maggico: Vraiment superbe, j'aimerai bien avoir un type... 4 days ago