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The Moon pack has been launched!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 11 comments

The latest template pack offers 30 (+10 bonus!) Moon templates. Fly in low Moon orbit over the Aristarchus... Read Article

Range of Plane2Roll.cfx

lightads | 2 weeks ago | 3 comments

Is it possible for Plane2Roll.cfx to have a higher than 40 slider range for FX Radius? I know you... Read Article

Traduction Google

maggico | 2 weeks ago | 8 comments

Bonjour, Parfois il est difficile de comprendre une vidéo diffusée sur Youtube, mais... Read Article

Bad choice

vincent | 2 weeks ago | 15 comments

a bad decision can have serious consequences 😱 💣 💣 💣. Read Article

12 fotos-Anillos de boda

persiana | 2 weeks ago | 9 comments

Boda Read Article

Audio se para seis segundos antes.

persiana | 2 weeks ago | 2 comments

Monté en un show, una capa de video sin audio y una capa de audio, sin problemas, pero al reproducirlo... Read Article

Tutoriel pour débutant 009 : Notion de conteneur - Partie 1

maggico | 2 weeks ago | 3 comments

Bonjour, Il arrive parfois que nous ayons besoin de synchroniser des mouvements de plusieurs calques... Read Article

Chicco I Miss You

elvis66 | 2 weeks ago | 10 comments

Chicco Read Article

Saludos a todos.

gato@mo | 2 weeks ago | 11 comments

Como están mis amigos 😁👍 Read Article

New export dialog

michiel | 3 weeks ago | 24 comments

This is how the FILE > Export as video... dialog looks like in version, launced today. ... Read Article

Tutoriel pour débutants 008 : Point pivot et flexibilité

maggico | 3 weeks ago | 12 comments

Bonjour, Le point pivot permet de modifier la position de l'axe de rotation d'un calque,... Read Article

Copy attributes from one layer to another

bjtap | 3 weeks ago | 2 comments

BluffTitler Pro: I wish to take an existing show and attach a video to one of the moving components...... Read Article

Superman is back and he still can't do an ESP...

Teacherman | 3 weeks ago | 18 comments

Hi... someone there was kind enough to post a Superman title credits template (original movie from the... Read Article

Tutoriel pour débutants 007 : La flexibilité

maggico | 3 weeks ago | 9 comments

Bonjour, lors des deux leçons précédentes nous avons étudié quelques... Read Article


Franco Aversa | 3 weeks ago | 9 comments

fog effect Read Article

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Robert Urbina: thank you very much my friend friend Dani a day ago

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