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Displaying of Text on Sketch Layer.

steveg | 2 weeks ago | 11 comments

I have created some text in Affinity Designer and exported it in EPS format. When I add it to BT as... Read Article

Happy New Year!

bambamD | 2 weeks ago | 6 comments

Happy New Year! All the best! Read Article

Qr code + Picture in one layer

Filip | 2 weeks ago | 3 comments

I tried to get the QR code and the picture in the hole of the code into one layer.....and it is possible... Read Article

Happy 2022

Ulli | 2 weeks ago | 11 comments

Hello my dear Friends, I wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy New Year 2022! 🥂🍾 Read Article


Filip | 2 weeks ago | 3 comments

I looked at the show of @ Armabit and I tried to spice it a little and share it with you people. Read Article


LostBoyz | 2 weeks ago | 9 comments

I wish everyone a healthy happy new year! Read Article

Inflated text style and explosion property

Filip | 2 weeks ago | 3 comments

When you choose the Inflated text style, the Explosion property is disappeared. Is this a bug? Read Article

Belle Année 2022

PAT67 | 2 weeks ago | 10 comments

Happy New Year 2022 to all members and to the President of this forum. It is always a pleasure to learn... Read Article

To all my friends at the community:

Filip | 2 weeks ago | 11 comments

We wish you a happy Christmas Read Article

Happy New Year 2022

persiana | 2 weeks ago | 7 comments

Deseo que paséis una feliz Noche Vieja y un prospero año nuevo Read Article

Happy 2022 intro

vincent | 2 weeks ago | 15 comments

QR Dice Read Article

Fireworks with smoke trail

Filip | 2 weeks ago | 9 comments

There are a lot examples of fireworks on the community, so why create another one? Well this one adds... Read Article

Meilleurs Vœux pour 2022 ! ✨🎉🍾

Alex-Raymond T. | 2 weeks ago | 7 comments

Pour passer à la nouvelle année ensemble: Activer la lecture le 31 Décembre à... Read Article

Editable para principiantes

gato@mo | 2 weeks ago | 8 comments

Este ediatble es para que lo uses, lo edites, o aprendas de como esta formado, un saludo, ... Read Article

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Alex-Raymond T.: Well done, John! 3 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Here are my main sources of 3D objects, in free ".obj"... 4 hours ago

Decentralized: I don't use 3D max. I use sketchup. They have... 23 hours ago

nonnogio: Tutto chiaro, grazie a day ago

vincent: In the past i wrote a small utility to convert Inkscape... a day ago

vincent: John, shadows are set on the Light Layer, you can try... a day ago

nonnogio: Dopo aver creato in file in Inkscape/Hershey prima... a day ago

Pioneer: Thank you for the helpful advice I will experiment... a day ago

vincent: Well done, just adding light shadows could render even... a day ago

Thor5ten: I've tried Paint3D before, but could never get... a day ago

michiel: Matching the perspective is not so difficult in this... a day ago

michiel: Inkscape/Hershey Text is a useful tool. With a bit... a day ago

Franco Aversa: Blufftitler now accepts .obj files so you just need... a day ago

vincent: Nice card 🎆 a day ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Nice job, great card! a day ago

chaver: nice a day ago

Eddy: Merci Michiel et Vincent pour ces informations. a day ago

Franco Aversa: here is another method where the border moves with... 2 days ago

vincent: Thank you Ulli. 2 days ago

michiel: I think what he meant is that you should not be afraid... 2 days ago

vincent: World needs all kinds of people, artists, dreamers,... 2 days ago

Franco Aversa: possibilities arise from ideas Picasso also wrote:... 2 days ago

michiel: Engineers and politicians think about "challenges"... 2 days ago

Franco Aversa: Good morning Michiel, Of course, for that I simulate... 2 days ago

michiel: Franco, for every app it's easy to find features... 2 days ago

Pioneer: Wow!! Sunday morning and here you are coming to my... 2 days ago

vincent: Not sure if it is what you want but you could use a... 2 days ago

PAT67: Raymond j'ai trouvé tes fichiers au bon... 2 days ago

michiel: First, use the POSITION property of the scroller layer... 2 days ago

Franco Aversa: hai ragione, a me sembra che funzioni molto bene. ... 2 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Merci à tous, et à Michiel pour le petit... 3 days ago

Franco Aversa: @Michiel sorry, but sometimes I don't speak well... 3 days ago

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