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BixPack 22 - Dutch skies

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 11 comments

Inspired by the air, water and light of Holland, following the tradition of the old masters Jacob va... Read Article

Fotos bailables

persiana | 2 weeks ago | 7 comments

Pase de fotos con Vj Read Article

Using BluffTitler Application for Educational Projects

Oleg Loshchagin | 2 weeks ago | 4 comments

The Sixth Edition of the International Conference “New Perspectives in Science Education” brings tog... Read Article


vincent | 2 weeks ago | 22 comments

Expérimentations with light rays and reflection, offers lot of possibilities Read Article

Same Ol', Same Ol' ...

Selina | 2 weeks ago | 1 comment

..better technique brings greater possibilities and you can quote me on that! Displacement map us... Read Article

Concept: Subtle 3D Face

komies | 2 weeks ago | 8 comments

A short and simple concept show. The women's face can be downloaded here: Read Article

Classic Ribbon Show.

Dani | 2 weeks ago | 5 comments

Inspired by AE show. Read Article

Curtains - HOW TO

Selina | 3 weeks ago | 13 comments

..So you want to make beautiful curtains... For this you will need: 1. Nothing - all comes pre-i... Read Article

some problems

sonidoyarisboys | 3 weeks ago | 15 comments

why when I render my project to movie the 3d logo will star to freeze and also the video that I put ... Read Article

Happy Women's Day

Dani | 3 weeks ago | 7 comments

You can get her love in the form of a sister, friend, beloved, wife, or in the form of a mother and... Read Article


Dani | 3 weeks ago | 2 comments

(: Read Article

Dani Intros Squares

Dani | 3 weeks ago | 2 comments

(: Read Article


vincent | 3 weeks ago | 10 comments

Rays tests in aseptic dentist room. No stress!!! Read Article

michiel: Landscape layer, problem

liuyongcai | 3 weeks ago | 3 comments

Landscape layer, problem Read Article


liuyongcai | 3 weeks ago | 4 comments

景观层特效为什么汉化以后 特效属性可以调整 但是站在景观层上失效 Why do landscape layer effects after localization Specific p... Read Article

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persiana: cada dia sorprendes mas Vicente 4 hours ago

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persiana: extraordinario vicente, haces cosas increibles 4 hours ago

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vincent: Thank you Ulli, you too your shows as too rare 7 hours ago

Ulli: Super idea, Vincent! :-)) 10 hours ago

Ulli: Oh, it is a game. What kind of genre? Action or Ad... 10 hours ago

Ulli: Great effect, Vincent! 11 hours ago

Ulli: The skies looks wonderful! :-)) 11 hours ago

vincent: Thanks liuyongcai, you are a little too rare these... 11 hours ago

liuyongcai: Vincent: It's so versatile. 15 hours ago

vincent: Yes komies, BluffTitler is so versatile. 22 hours ago

komies: "And now for something completely different" Vinc... 22 hours ago

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LostBoyz: The most anticipated game for me! :) Yes Hugh Jac... a day ago

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Filip: Michiel thnx for sharing our dutch skies with the ... a day ago

michiel: Thank you all!!! a day ago

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