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Pixel Beams

michiel | 13 years ago | 8 comments

It's big fun applying this effect to different pictures. Bright colours and patterns give the best... Read Article


Ulli | 13 years ago | 6 comments

Take a look, through the window, on a cold winter morning, when the blinds are open... Read Article

Surfin' Bix

jmarkt | 13 years ago | 3 comments

Looks like surfin' the saucers makes Bix dizzy! Read Article


michiel | 13 years ago | 1 comment

A nice merry-go-round with particles effect. The client complained about not being able to read... Read Article

Designed Pixels

michiel | 13 years ago | 1 comment

This effect pixelizes the first texture. The second texture is used to render each pixel. It requires... Read Article

Have a great 2007

michiel | 13 years ago | 10 comments

Outerspace Software wishes you and your loved ones a merry Christmas and a happy 2007! 2007 is going... Read Article

"Closed For Christmas"

jmarkt | 13 years ago | 3 comments

Just sing along, "Let it snow, let it snow!" Couldn't figure out a better way to put... Read Article


Ulli | 13 years ago

Only for Christmas... The font is - SnowCaps - from Read Article

Santa Claus

Ulli | 13 years ago | 1 comment

In few days, Santa is coming... Please, download the font -Christmas Card- from the site: Read Article

playing with fonts

richard | 13 years ago | 12 comments

trying to animate a countdown..... Read Article

Smoke and Fire

michiel | 13 years ago | 1 comment

Where there is smoke... there is FIRE! Thanks to Steve for the idea. Read Article


jmarkt | 13 years ago

Hope this doesn't dupe previous upload, but support files were missing on original upload???? Read Article

Sticky Notes

jmarkt | 13 years ago | 2 comments

Just having fun with Bixelangelo and BT! Read Article

Mandoline en of gitaar

Jenny | 13 years ago | 2 comments

Zou je iets kunnen maken met een mandoline en of een gitaar, of een mondharmonika? Ik ben bezig met... Read Article

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vincent: Chaver, maybe you have a problem with files associations... 2 hours ago

chaver: When i run bt i only get some text info about the show... 4 hours ago

vincent: Playing with camera on Face B 15 hours ago

vincent: Yes, great colored lights effect! 16 hours ago

persiana: Muy bueno e interesante 17 hours ago

Franco Aversa: @Vincent - yes and then there is no initial black... 18 hours ago

vincent: Nice on the principle, just grooves maybe a little... a day ago

Franco Aversa: Great LP !! a day ago

Franco Aversa: Thank you so much! a day ago

vincent: Merci Patrick. 2 days ago

michiel: Yes, .bt show files can be placed on a server. To play... 2 days ago

PAT67: Super the profusion of various parts, great training... 2 days ago

lightads: Very very nice 2 days ago

vincent: Gracias persiana, et merci maggico et Raymond. 2 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Jolie Platine, Vincent qui vaut son pesant d'Or... 2 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Good idea Filip, and what's more it appetites... 2 days ago

persiana: Un extraordinario Tocadiscos Vicente 2 days ago

persiana: Muy bueno Filip 2 days ago

persiana: Un buen show Armabit 2 days ago

persiana: Un buen pase de fotos Alex 2 days ago

SMSgtRod: Very well done! 2 days ago

SMSgtRod: HOT! 2 days ago

maggico: Une fois de plus je suis scotché !!! Bravo Vincent 2 days ago

Filip: Thnx all. 2 days ago

vincent: Thank you all friends, Filip, i agree music is a little... 2 days ago

Ulli: Wonderful! I like your focus for the details. 3 days ago

Ulli: Wonderful, Filip! I love the BBQ text. It´s... 3 days ago

Ulli: Very nice show! 3 days ago

LostBoyz: AWESOME vincent!! :) 3 days ago

Ulli: I like flowers and I like your show, Alex! 3 days ago

Ulli: Very beautiful show, Armabit! 3 days ago

komies: Awesome, Vincent Great details a Classic Vincent!... 3 days ago