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Merry Christmas one and all

Dave S | 3 weeks ago | 6 comments

My first post. I'd just like to say I'm amazed what can be done with BT with all your posts... Read Article

Not just cats...

Franco Aversa | 3 weeks ago | 8 comments

not just cats.... Read Article

A glimmer of hope on Christmas Eve.

Alex-Raymond T. | 3 weeks ago | 11 comments

Does this 5th wave of covid appear to be the last? Could it be due to our Savior? Merry Christmas to... Read Article

Cute avocado

Franco Aversa | 3 weeks ago | 5 comments

here is an example of 3D model animated directly with the bix effect Read Article

Livre de Noël 2021

PAT67 | 3 weeks ago | 11 comments

Je me suis facilité le travail en utilisant tout simplement le BixPack 34 . BT nous permet de... Read Article

Thank you Michiel!

Filip | 3 weeks ago | 16 comments

Where in the world can you find a company and it's CEO with such a user friendly software, with... Read Article


Franco Aversa | 3 weeks ago | 2 comments

some time ago I created this simple little man, if I put the effect that moves Bix the movement of the... Read Article


Franco Aversa | a month ago | 11 comments

I made a 3D model of a stylized tree and activated the particles to make snow. Why do the particles stay... Read Article


Filip | a month ago | 4 comments

Could this effect be modernized? It would be great if the clock hands could be an eps file or a obj... Read Article

A short classical tune

chaver | a month ago | 7 comments

A short classical tune. that i have composed this morning Read Article


LostBoyz | a month ago | 12 comments

Happy2022! Read Article

How about a BixPac(k)man?

Alex-Raymond T. | a month ago | 9 comments

A QR code test with Pac-man. Media Files: Read Article

Blinking text

michiel | a month ago | 4 comments

Here's how I would do a blinking text. Instead of animating the text itself, I would place a flare... Read Article

Feliz Navidad

persiana | a month ago | 7 comments

Quiero felicitaros a tod@s las Navidades y espero disfruteis con vuestras familias y amig@s Read Article

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Alex-Raymond T.: Well done, John! 4 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Here are my main sources of 3D objects, in free ".obj"... 4 hours ago

Decentralized: I don't use 3D max. I use sketchup. They have... a day ago

nonnogio: Tutto chiaro, grazie a day ago

vincent: In the past i wrote a small utility to convert Inkscape... a day ago

vincent: John, shadows are set on the Light Layer, you can try... a day ago

nonnogio: Dopo aver creato in file in Inkscape/Hershey prima... a day ago

Pioneer: Thank you for the helpful advice I will experiment... a day ago

vincent: Well done, just adding light shadows could render even... a day ago

Thor5ten: I've tried Paint3D before, but could never get... a day ago

michiel: Matching the perspective is not so difficult in this... a day ago

michiel: Inkscape/Hershey Text is a useful tool. With a bit... a day ago

Franco Aversa: Blufftitler now accepts .obj files so you just need... a day ago

vincent: Nice card 🎆 a day ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Nice job, great card! a day ago

chaver: nice a day ago

Eddy: Merci Michiel et Vincent pour ces informations. a day ago

Franco Aversa: here is another method where the border moves with... 2 days ago

vincent: Thank you Ulli. 2 days ago

michiel: I think what he meant is that you should not be afraid... 2 days ago

vincent: World needs all kinds of people, artists, dreamers,... 2 days ago

Franco Aversa: possibilities arise from ideas Picasso also wrote:... 2 days ago

michiel: Engineers and politicians think about "challenges"... 2 days ago

Franco Aversa: Good morning Michiel, Of course, for that I simulate... 2 days ago

michiel: Franco, for every app it's easy to find features... 2 days ago

Pioneer: Wow!! Sunday morning and here you are coming to my... 2 days ago

vincent: Not sure if it is what you want but you could use a... 2 days ago

PAT67: Raymond j'ai trouvé tes fichiers au bon... 2 days ago

michiel: First, use the POSITION property of the scroller layer... 2 days ago

Franco Aversa: hai ragione, a me sembra che funzioni molto bene. ... 3 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Merci à tous, et à Michiel pour le petit... 3 days ago

Franco Aversa: @Michiel sorry, but sometimes I don't speak well... 3 days ago

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