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Version 15.5 supports OBJ files!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 16 comments

BluffTitler version 15.5, launched today, supports 3D models in the OBJ format. This makes it easier... Read Article

[DL]Caustics by Forcefields.cfx

komies | a month ago | 11 comments

My two (Vin)cents at Caustics in BluffTitler. I used a png Image and made it from 256 to 2048 pixels... Read Article

Watermark for videos.A video from last night

chaver | a month ago | 5 comments

A video from last night.Bluff is great for making watermark for videos. Read Article


Filip | a month ago | 10 comments

Sales are very popular and they are announced with a "screaming" text. I think this Sale show... Read Article

Kung Fu Panda 3 Spoof

Filip | a month ago | 6 comments

I like to experiment with 3d Cartoon styled text. In this case I made: Kung Fu Pinda 3 3/4. (Pinda is... Read Article

Underwater landscape

vincent | a month ago | 15 comments

Inspired by Jose Luis question and using one of my old show i did this one, as suggested by michiel,... Read Article

Elastic Text

Filip | a month ago | 6 comments

As Michiel shows every time: You can do more with BT, even the unthinkable. Take the elastic text. (Stil... Read Article

New .eps option/effect

Filip | a month ago | 4 comments

It would be great to have the option to edit controlpoints of Bixelangelo eps files on the BT timeline.... Read Article

About the maxdisplacement of the plasma layer

aki | a month ago | 2 comments

Hello Michiel. Earlier, I requested to add MAX DISPLACEMENT to the plasma layer and you added it. Read Article


JOSE LUIS | a month ago | 3 comments

Solicitud a algún miembro de la comunidad experimentado que pudiera hacer un show de un fondo... Read Article

BluffTitler integrated in Vegas Pro

Dick (FOV) | a month ago | 3 comments

On the Vegas Pro forum I saw this statement from the management / developers: "The real frustration... Read Article

BluffTitler Encoder via pulldown menu "option / drivers"

Jos12 | a month ago | 5 comments

Pul down menu Options, tab drivers: If you render a show to a video file, it is recommended to use an... Read Article

Program system setting

Jos12 | a month ago | 3 comments

I have re-installed BluffTitler and at the same time upgrade the program to Ver 15 Ultimate. I have... Read Article

Occasionally, shagi may appear on the outline of the line

aki | a month ago | 17 comments

When you output the attached program (MOV, mp4, avi), shagi will be displayed in various places as shown... Read Article

About QuickTime MOV codec

aki | 2 months ago | 1 comment

There are "ProResks" and "ProResaw" in the QuickTime MOV codec of the BT option setting.... Read Article

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Ulli: A great theme! 20 hours ago

Ulli: A scary and great show, LB! 20 hours ago

Ulli: Thank you very much, my friends! 20 hours ago

aki: The 422HQ cannot hold the alpha channel, so the background... 20 hours ago

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michiel: Spectacular reflections in the 1st second! a day ago

michiel: What happened to your alpha channel when converting... a day ago

LostBoyz: Very nice show Ulli! :) a day ago

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Ulli: Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing, Vincent. a day ago

Ulli: Thank you for sharing, Vincent. a day ago

aki: @Michiel Do you mean "QTRLE", "ProRes-ks",... a day ago

Filip: Thnx for sharing Vincent. a day ago

michiel: In the DRIVERS tab of the SETTINGS > OPTIONS...... a day ago

snafu: Vincent, thank you for sharing! a day ago

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