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BluffTitler 15.0 has been launched!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 22 comments

Today is a beautiful day. Today we've successfully finished the migration to 64 bit. BluffTitler... Read Article

BluffTitler 64 Bit Public Beta

michiel | a month ago | 73 comments

As you know, we are working on a 64 bit version of BluffTitler. This is the biggest technology upgrade... Read Article

adding video as a layer?

atarian | a month ago | 8 comments

Ok i have just soent a few hours trying to find out how this is done, and all i keep coming up with is... Read Article


cheyenne | a month ago | 11 comments

Un petit voyage dans l'espace Read Article

Again lightbeams

Filip | a month ago | 5 comments

Thnx Michiel for this great idea. Read Article


maxste | a month ago | 10 comments

Luv the new BIX PAK 35. Used most of the styles in my latest video Read Article

Film Mayhem

lightads | a month ago | 6 comments

Here's a fun video made with Blufftitler. Thanks to the guys on this forum for helping me with... Read Article


Filip | a month ago | 2 comments

Zap!!! Cartoon text. The possibilities are infinitive! Love BluffTitler! Read Article


Jesus | a month ago | 5 comments

I have a Wedding Rings Project, each ring has its container, but I want to rotate them in the same position... Read Article


Filip | a month ago | 8 comments

Love cartoons. Thanks to Michiel's lightbeams show! Read Article

Using Blufftitler in my video's

Ger | a month ago | 5 comments

During the corona virus outbreak, the elderly were amused with street performances. The artists did this... Read Article


cheyenne | 2 months ago | 9 comments

Bon Dimanche à vous Read Article

Diffuse Light Beams from Text

JCB | 2 months ago | 12 comments

Using as an example,, is there any way to make the beam from the Point Light softer or... Read Article

Wham Graduated

Filip | 2 months ago | 7 comments

I'm trying to decide to make the animations in BT or in a combination of BT and Cartoon animator.... Read Article

Request word carriage return

Franco Aversa | 2 months ago | 2 comments

on the text layer we have the "bounds" command to limit that the text goes beyond a limit.... Read Article

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cheyenne: j'adore 8 hours ago

ID Production: @agpvn: Thank you for your comment. We will try to... 9 hours ago

persiana: Muy buen show 9 hours ago

persiana: Felicitaciones 9 hours ago

persiana: Muy bien 9 hours ago

persiana: Un gran show 9 hours ago

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michiel: Nice show and congratulations to the both of you!!! 23 hours ago

michiel: Filip, your EPS folder is empty. We're missing... 23 hours ago

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PAT67: Félicitations à la fille pour son examen... a day ago

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agpvn: ID Production : BlackMagic Decklink Card you can add... a day ago

Jesus: Fantástico y bonito espectáculo. a day ago

Jesus: Felicitaciones y para tu Familia. a day ago

Jesus: Gracias, a todos mis amigos. a day ago

Franco Aversa: Great Filip! Flash Bluff a day ago

chaver: Congratulation a day ago

cheyenne: merci pour vos précieux commentaires a day ago

Filip: Dani thnx. Cool! God bless you and your loved ones! a day ago

Ulli: Wonderful news, Filip. 👍 Congratulation to your... a day ago

Ulli: Very beautiful Birthday-Show. a day ago

Ulli: Wonderful show. It looks like the movie. a day ago

Dani: Bravo...what a show...cheyenne..very lively.. a day ago

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cheyenne: Bravo a day ago

vincent: Muy bien a day ago

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lightads: That's pretty useful. Thanks for explaining it.... a day ago

PAT67: Animation attractive avec un fond sonore bien choisi. a day ago