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vincent | 3 weeks ago | 20 comments

Simple 3D tunnel to download You can play with camera settings (FOV) gamma, colors etc and CFX for ... Read Article

My First Slideshow - HOW TO (Intermediate to Advanced)

Selina | 3 weeks ago | 20 comments

  ..I hesitate to call this a Masterclass, but we will be covering some tricky concepts. Here's ... Read Article


vincent | 3 weeks ago | 10 comments

M&M's INDIGESTION DOWLOADABLE SHOW You can add your own music. I used VJ on layer #5 and and set th... Read Article

BixPack and Downloadable Shows - QUESTION

Selina | 3 weeks ago | 2 comments

Michiel with web technologies it is possible to link to font files for display on webpages and these... Read Article

Having a Ball

Selina | 3 weeks ago the title suggests this show uses the typeball.cfx effect on a series of Ts... Read Article

Combine effects

Filip | 3 weeks ago | 4 comments

Michiel is it possible to combine more than one effect: A shape effect (typeBall.cfx) with a color ... Read Article


vincent | 3 weeks ago | 3 comments

Now that we have a powerful sketch, would it possible : 1) to attach a container to the sketch 2) ... Read Article

Bix not allowed

Filip | 3 weeks ago | 6 comments

Based on Selina's "InsideSketch" show: The story of Bix continues: ... Read Article


vincent | 3 weeks ago | 14 comments

Still playing with powerful new sketch layer. Billion Thanks michiel. Read Article

A Gift to All

komies | 3 weeks ago | 19 comments

A gift to all for the support you gave. Two years ago I made this show in the Beta V.12 version ... Read Article

Use the TypeBall.cfx

Filip | 3 weeks ago | 10 comments

The Bender.cfx tip from Selina inspired me. I tried to create a sphere from the text. It was not ... Read Article

Hey Big Bender - DOWNLOAD !!!

Selina | 3 weeks ago | 4 comments

..Bending text in more than one direction :) Give it a try:  1. Load Default show  2. Add Bende... Read Article


LostBoyz | 3 weeks ago | 11 comments

LBBT13 :) Read Article

Beautiful Ribbons II

Selina | 3 weeks ago

..Just love this program! Read Article

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Kauzito: Extruding along a path now working, Woow! 31 minutes ago

persiana: Extraordinario trabajo Michiel 15 hours ago

persiana: Precioso y elegante espectáculo 16 hours ago

Filip: Great Michiel, can't wait... 16 hours ago

vincent: i don't know if there are beta testers 17 hours ago

Selina: Thank You Michiel & Team... I'm sure it will be... 18 hours ago

persiana: Muchas gracias a los tres por vuestros animos. La... 20 hours ago

SMSgtRod: Halfpipe??? As it's being used length wise it'... 23 hours ago

Ulli: Very good job, Liuyongcai! a day ago

Ulli: What a nice idea and show, Persiana! a day ago

Ulli: Wonderful! Thank you so much, Michiel and Team!... a day ago

vincent: Thank you michiel for your great work a day ago

komies: Well that was fast, Thanks Michiel a day ago

michiel: The 3D sketch has been created with a Bixelangelo ... a day ago

michiel: Thank you all for your feedback! Loading custom... a day ago

komies: Good show, Liuyongcai a day ago

vincent: Well done. a day ago

vincent: Nice! persiana. me too i know this song but don't ... a day ago

komies: Nice Slideshow, Persiana I know that song, I ju... a day ago

Filip: I think a diversity of shapes and deformations of ... a day ago

Selina: Which one is missing? CUSTOM SHAPE [Layer No] -... a day ago

LostBoyz: Thank you all! :) a day ago

persiana: muy bueno y buen aprendizaje a day ago

persiana: Bonito y buen espectáculo Liuyongkai a day ago