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Fresh new BixPack 35 promo

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 8 comments

Here's a fresh new BixPack 35 promo! This video explains how you can use the bumper templates... Read Article


Ulli | 12 years ago | 2 comments

Hi Bluffy-Fans, here is my new BT-Animation: the Tile-Text-Effect. Read Article

Text decorated with Texts

michiel | 12 years ago

A big text decorated with smaller texts. Read Article

Word Cloud

michiel | 12 years ago | 7 comments

A 3D animated word cloud (woordwolk) Read Article

Presets, Macros, Examples and Demos

michiel | 12 years ago | 4 comments

BluffTitler features a PRESET menu item. This article explains its use. A BluffTitler animation... Read Article

Improved Burning Text Effect

michiel | 12 years ago | 1 comment

Here's an attempt to improve the burning text effect. The properties of the particle layer... Read Article

Super bright!!!

michiel | 12 years ago | 1 comment

BluffTitler allows you to enter colour values higher than 255. This results in super bright, high contrast... Read Article

Meu 1 video no blufftitler

michiel | 12 years ago | 2 comments

Nice particle effects in this animation created by wesleisc Read Article

Cuttlefish Productions

michiel | 12 years ago

Nice Logo for Cuttlefish Productions by chagdud1 Read Article

Do not use Arial

michiel | 12 years ago | 10 comments

The BluffTitler shows that come with the installer and most gallery uploads use the Arial font. ... Read Article

Catch Up

michiel | 12 years ago | 1 comment

Here's another variation on the handwriting theme: writing with mashed tomatoes! Choose MEDIA... Read Article

3D Simulation from Still Image

JimH | 12 years ago | 16 comments

The video is a "light" tutorial on how to create 3D looking animations from a simple 2D photograph.... Read Article

intro con Blufftitler

michiel | 13 years ago | 1 comment

Nice globe animation by juanmaporta Read Article

Star Wars scroller with twinkling stars

michiel | 13 years ago | 5 comments

Due to popular request, here's a Star Wars scroller with twinkling stars! Read Article

90 Degrees

michiel | 13 years ago | 4 comments

Every word in this text is a single text layer that is rotated 90 degrees to the previous word. ... Read Article

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vincent: Thank you, merci à tous. an hour ago

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Filip: Nice show, good music. 2 hours ago

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persiana: Muy bien, Elvis 2 hours ago

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cheyenne: ho merci Vincent pour tes bon encouragements 5 hours ago

cheyenne: Très belle présentation elvis66 ( bravo... 5 hours ago

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cheyenne: Merci persiana 5 hours ago

persiana: un bonito y buen trabajo. Cheyenne 5 hours ago

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Filip: Lost my wedding ring somewhere ...almost 40 years ago! 7 hours ago

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vincent: GREAT promotional video and beautiful effects ! 9 hours ago

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Ulli: Also great show! 11 hours ago

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PAT67: La chasse aux trésors est ouverte, bonne chance... 16 hours ago

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cheyenne: Merci persiana a day ago

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