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Ulli | 14 years ago | 2 comments

Dank der Flower-Animation von Michiel, bin ich auf diese Idee gekommen. Read Article

Writing in the Sky

michiel | 14 years ago | 3 comments

Don't be shy and paint your name in the sky! Read Article

Flowers and Names

michiel | 14 years ago | 22 comments

This is a kind of credit roll where names are alternated with screens with flowers. A name flies in,... Read Article


michiel | 14 years ago | 1 comment

Here's an attempt to create fire inside the jack-o'-lantern with the particle layer. Thank... Read Article

Happy Halloween

Ulli | 14 years ago

This Animation is for your Halloween-Video (when you need). Have fun! The Font - Halloween -... Read Article


michiel | 14 years ago

Tired of special effects? Here's a simple mainstream fly-in-hold-fly-out animation! Read Article

Sketch, Scratch and Hatch

michiel | 14 years ago | 5 comments

Here's a really nice animated hatching effect! Read Article


michiel | 14 years ago | 1 comment

A quick experiment to see if it's possible to create lightning with a picture layer. Thanks to Simon... Read Article


Ulli | 14 years ago | 3 comments

An idea for a TextOnPath-Animation. Have fun! Read Article

Easy things should be easy

michiel | 14 years ago | 4 comments

We regularly recieve e-mail from people being afraid that a program featuring so many effects is unnecessarily... Read Article

Live your life like a Jarkko!

michiel | 14 years ago | 1 comment

I think the greatest sketch map effects are the ones that mix sketching with 3D graphics. This animation... Read Article

Monster Movie Productions

michiel | 14 years ago | 1 comment

Just realized that you can add a shadow to your sketch maps by duplicating the picture layer. With this... Read Article

My Fireplace

Ulli | 14 years ago | 2 comments

Made with BT and Michiels wonderful new program "Bixelangelo". Read Article


carlo | 14 years ago | 10 comments

Hallo Michiel, Bixelangelo ist eine feine Sache. Aber wo ist mein Hintergrund? Jetzt noch eine... Read Article

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SergKond: michel thanks but that's not exactly what I need. 4 hours ago

Franco Aversa: it is a pleasure, it's a great idea, a clear... 5 hours ago

michiel: Thank you Franco! 6 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Great presentation !! translated into Italian... 7 hours ago

michiel: It's important to realize that any combination... 8 hours ago

michiel: SergKond, have you already played around with the particle... 9 hours ago

SergKond: vincent you are absolutely right. I googled a bit and... a day ago

vincent: Hello Serguey, unfortunately i don't think it... a day ago

SergKond: Vincent good day: -) I will return to my idea but at... a day ago

SergKond: Vincent good afternoon. Well, that's all I have... a day ago

SergKond: vincent Thank you very much. Also today I will look... 2 days ago

vincent: Serguey, you can use the property WRITER to appear/disappear... 3 days ago

SergKond: vincent Many thanks: -) Tomorrow I will definitely... 3 days ago

vincent: Hello Serguey, your video looks good, about disappear... 3 days ago

SergKond: vincent Good evening: -) Well, my first screensaver... 3 days ago

persiana: Muchas gracias SMSgtRod y LostBoyz. 4 days ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Ulli, PAT67 and Joel! :) 4 days ago

LostBoyz: Very Nice persiana! :) 4 days ago

IntroChamp: I've been hypnotized! LB, how do I break the spell! 6 days ago

SMSgtRod: Very Nice.... 6 days ago

persiana: Muchas gracias a todos por vuestro amables comentarios 6 days ago

PAT67: Belle composition 6 days ago

PAT67: Du grand art LB 6 days ago

michiel: Jörg, have you already tried switching to high... 6 days ago

Jesus: Fantástico!! 6 days ago

vincent: Bonito ejemplo con Partículas. 6 days ago

Ulli: Cool intro, LB! The "Death Stranding" PS4... 6 days ago

Ulli: Beautiful! 6 days ago

LostBoyz: Thank you vincent, persiana and komies! a week ago

komies: Great Intro, LostBoyz Also a great looking game... a week ago

persiana: Muy bueno y creativo, Lostboyz a week ago

vincent: Gracias Jesus a week ago