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A bottle and a glass

Ulli | 14 years ago | 3 comments

Inspired by Michiels Glass Art, i have made a little animation. Read Article


Ulli | 14 years ago | 11 comments

This animation is for all football/soccer fans. It is funnier, when you take your own head. Read Article

Wave Morpher

michiel | 14 years ago | 3 comments

Inspired by Lampion's comments about the Waving Flag effect, here's another cool animating... Read Article

Soccer ball texture

michiel | 14 years ago | 12 comments

Here's a nice high res soccer ball texture + bump map. Select the picture layer and press F9 to... Read Article

Cigar Smoke

JimH | 14 years ago

Simple little 15 second animation of a trail of smoke. Render to movie with transparancey on and use... Read Article


Ulli | 14 years ago | 3 comments

Bald gehts looos - oder auch "coming soon". Read Article

Shiny Decorations

michiel | 14 years ago | 1 comment

This effect creates shiny, reflection mapped decorations. The first texture must be a reflection map,... Read Article

Around the world

lampion | 14 years ago | 3 comments

Not quite around the world in 80 days, but 8 cities is a good start, I think. Read Article

Using Bluff in a Video Podcast

ben1000 | 14 years ago | 1 comment

We use Bluff Titler as a main staple of our video podcast, The show is a weekly review... Read Article

Line Art

michiel | 14 years ago

This shader renders a texture as vertical lines. The thickness of the line depends on the brightness.... Read Article


Sten | 14 years ago

Another one web cam + effects wow ! Read Article

Use Webcam

Sten | 14 years ago | 1 comment

Hey peolple great works to every one ! try effects use cam ! simple but fantastic ! You need... Read Article

Metallic Glow

michiel | 14 years ago

A nice glow effect. it starts with a black screen so don't forget to press the play button. Read Article

How to create light beams

michiel | 14 years ago | 11 comments

Lots of people are having problems creating the light beams effect. Here's a step by step guide.... Read Article

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Pixelpanther: Nice work Dani :) 37 minutes ago

persiana: Extraordinario Michiel 4 hours ago

persiana: Entre los dos habéis conseguido un buen show... 4 hours ago

persiana: La prueba es buena, el show será mejor Franco 4 hours ago

persiana: una buena idea,Franco 4 hours ago

persiana: Una buen idea, Franco 4 hours ago

persiana: Un buen y bonito trabajo, Dani 4 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Thanks Dani, the idea was only to test whether it worked... 5 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Great use of new effects Dani !! 5 hours ago

Filip: Great show! 5 hours ago

komies: Nice, Dani I like news leaders. 5 hours ago

chaver: Well Done Dani 6 hours ago

Dani: Waiting for it...Filip... 7 hours ago

Dani: For to me its a movie scene...great Michiel... 7 hours ago

Dani: Wow...great the particles... 7 hours ago

Dani: Nice test.. 7 hours ago

Dani: Great it Franco.. 7 hours ago

Dani: Looks great...dear friend.. 7 hours ago

Dani: Super cool show Filip.. 7 hours ago

Dani: Very good effect ...thank you Michiel... 7 hours ago

michiel: Thank you all! 10 hours ago

chaver: Great Michiel!!!.Thank you 15 hours ago

Filip: Wow! 23 hours ago

vincent: beautiful journey in the 4th dimension. Nice textures... a day ago

Franco Aversa: LOL Thanks Bob, thanks Ulli you see that I see so many... a day ago

Franco Aversa: Wonderful !! a day ago

Pixelpanther: Excellent, can you do my washing too please.... I'll... a day ago

Ulli: This would be a great trailer for the Star Wars movies! a day ago

Franco Aversa: Thanks Ulli and Filip. a day ago

LostBoyz: AWESOME Michiel!!looks like Independence Day film... a day ago

Ulli: Haha, this is funny. 🙂 a day ago

Franco Aversa: Nice Bob, I like to share ideas because then they improve... a day ago