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BixPack 33 | City Lights

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 13 comments

The latest template pack explores the power of the new Interiormap effect. This effect turns simple models... Read Article

Invitación de boda 1

persiana | a month ago | 11 comments

Invitación de boda para mandar por el móvil Read Article

Album photo 3D

Babe34 | a month ago | 3 comments

Hi, I would like to build an album photo. This is simple with Blufftitler, but i would like the photos,... Read Article

Miss XV

Markruz | a month ago | 9 comments

Para las Quinceañeras Read Article

Basketball Awards (lb)

LostBoyz | a month ago | 11 comments

Basketball Awards (lb) Read Article

video dancer

HACHEBE | a month ago | 6 comments

HI, I'm looking for a video of a music box vith a dancer on the top, if you know where i can... Read Article

Slideshow map

vincent | a month ago | 18 comments

Earth Globe animation Read Article


vincent | a month ago | 14 comments

lighting experimentations Read Article

Football Awards v.2

LostBoyz | a month ago | 10 comments

Football Awards v.2 :) Read Article

Question for Bixelangelo

Franco Aversa | a month ago | 7 comments

I don't remember if in Bixelangelo there is a command to join two lines that are separated and create... Read Article

BT Beauty...

Dani | a month ago | 11 comments

Fun time with BT... Read Article

Card game

Babe34 | a month ago | 14 comments

Hi, I build a card game show. The cards and the box were created in a paint application. The box is... Read Article

Particle Play

IntroChamp | a month ago | 12 comments

I was able to create a moving football field with the Bluff Particle Layer. That blew my mind! Read Article

Blufftitler does not save

BluffyBob | a month ago | 5 comments

I am using BluffTitler 14 ULTIMATE, it has now stopped saving any project I work on. At the moment if... Read Article

Stills and Video Control on Timeline

SMSgtRod | a month ago | 9 comments

Couple days ago I tried inserting a clip in a show. Investigation reveals that it's not easily... Read Article

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komies: Yes and No The Silhouette is just a transparant... 11 minutes ago

vincent: thank you for the explanations Alex, yes it seemed... 56 minutes ago

komies: FX Interiors in textures: Yes for the silhouette... an hour ago

chaver: Thank you Vincent 😊 an hour ago

vincent: Nice song, green screen/chroma key effect well done... 2 hours ago

vincent: thanks LB and persiana. 2 hours ago

Jeep35: And on Particles ... 3 hours ago

persiana: Sensacional Michiel 4 hours ago

persiana: Muy bueno Vicente 4 hours ago

LostBoyz: Fantastic vincent!! :) 4 hours ago

vincent: Thank you Ulli, yes, Michiel have created a superCfx.... 4 hours ago

IntroChamp: Mind bending! 5 hours ago

IntroChamp: Very interesting and creative Vincent! Your results... 5 hours ago

Jeep35: It works with roller coasters too !!!! 5 hours ago

Franco Aversa: but have you used the scheme for the rooms respecting... 5 hours ago

chaver: Thank you Michiel and SMSgtRod 6 hours ago

chaver: Great.Thank you Michiel 6 hours ago

SMSgtRod: When it slugs down open the Task Manager and see what... 14 hours ago

Ulli: Wonderful! Thanks a lot! 16 hours ago

Ulli: Very great tests, Vincent. There is so much to discover... 16 hours ago

Ulli: Very well done, Filip. 17 hours ago

Ulli: Great to see, what we can do, with the matryoshka effect. 17 hours ago

Ulli: Wow, the interiormap effect is so powerful. All your... 17 hours ago

vincent: Thank you all, here a 2nd test. Franco , i must say... 18 hours ago

vincent: Merci beaucoup Michiel ! FANTASTIC !!! Thousand thanks. 19 hours ago

liuyongcai: 谢谢!太好了:) 米歇尔 19 hours ago

LostBoyz: Awesome vincent! 19 hours ago

LostBoyz: Awesome Michiel :) 19 hours ago

LostBoyz: Fantastic thank you! :) 19 hours ago

Filip: We can't say it enough, but maybe a song. This... 20 hours ago

Franco Aversa: I had tried with the rooms in colormap but I saw that... 20 hours ago

Franco Aversa: ok, I had also translated all the individual effects... 20 hours ago