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New promo video

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 13 comments

This new promo focuses on what BluffTitler does best: rendering text. Please like, comment, subscribe... Read Article

Character Scale

michiel | 16 years ago | 4 comments

This is a technical demo to show you what you can do with the character scale property. With the character... Read Article


lampion | 16 years ago | 2 comments

With BluffTitler you can even animate the randomize-parameters! With some metalic-looking text, a few... Read Article


carlo | 16 years ago | 20 comments

Hallo BT Fans, hier eine von mir angepasste Animation. BT ist wirklich toll. Macht bitte so weiter...... Read Article


michiel | 16 years ago | 1 comment

This particle effect starts in red but when you press the play button it will cycle through all the colors... Read Article

DVD Intro

gimme | 16 years ago | 8 comments

This is an intro I put together last year for DVDs that I create. In its full glory, the intro consists... Read Article

Modified Example

voyager | 16 years ago | 5 comments

It is just a modified example, but nice to use. This is mainly a test or me, creating articles. If it... Read Article

I Dream of Titling...

DeanO | 16 years ago | 14 comments

... originally titles for one of my movies (that I never made!) Now reworked general consumption.... Read Article

Interactive VJ

michiel | 16 years ago | 4 comments

Here's a BluffTitler show we use at parties. People can enter a text on a computer and then it's... Read Article

Flashy Text

KiloOne | 16 years ago

Just a way to highlight 2D text flying around the screen. Its also a good way to highlight small text.... Read Article


michiel | 16 years ago | 2 comments

This is a nice effect where the text 'shoots' (zooms) into position leaving a trail (the extrusion).... Read Article

Flower field

michiel | 16 years ago | 5 comments

I've created a particle effect that turns your screen into a big flower field. It's a bit... Read Article

Plane Transition

DeanO | 16 years ago | 10 comments

Here's an animation I created as a transition for "world tour" videos!!! Save to C:\Deano... Read Article

3D Models

smiley | 16 years ago | 2 comments

I would love to see downloadable 3D models that we can use in our own creations. Any chance that you... Read Article

News Channel

michiel | 16 years ago | 5 comments

Here's a typical news channel leader animation created in BluffTitler. It has all the elements the... Read Article

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michiel: Maybe the Virtual Studios pack can get you started: 5 hours ago

michiel: Interesting how the logo sometimes rotates counter... 6 hours ago

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michiel: An Italian version would be wonderful. Grazie mille... a day ago

Franco Aversa: Amazing. Can I translate and share it on my YouTube... a day ago

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michiel: Thank you all! a day ago

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chaver: Thank you Dani a day ago

liuyongcai: Fantastic promotion video!! a day ago

vincent: Yes Filip, BT is a real Swiss Army knife for 3d. a day ago

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