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Filip | 2 months ago | 11 comments

Every now and then I try to make a nice birthday show. This is the last. @ Michiel is it possible... Read Article

Font Usability - Wingdings and other Art fonts

lightads | 2 months ago | 1 comment

I'm confused about font types. I have a 100's of art style fonts. Some fonts are usable in... Read Article

My cake

Franco Aversa | 2 months ago | 9 comments

cake Read Article

HELP, my desktop is too small!!!

michiel | 2 months ago | 4 comments

Did you know you can resize the tool window with your mouse? BluffTitler automatically adds power buttons... Read Article

End of show, jump

Filip | 2 months ago | 1 comment

Michiel, In this show the last frame jumps to another setting on the screen. When I render the show... Read Article

I can't put a video texture ...

manclub | 2 months ago | 3 comments

Greetings friends, I have been watching several similar queries that I have seen on the web, but... Read Article

New Kaleidoscope Effect

michiel | 2 months ago | 15 comments

Forget about the old V11_Kaleidoscope effect. Version, launched today, introduces a fresh new... Read Article

AMPLI (suite)

vincent | 2 months ago | 20 comments

2nd Device : McIntosh amplifier (Hybrid). Michiel i have encountered a little problem of appear/disaappear... Read Article

Wedding Slideshow PRO

agpvn | 2 months ago | 4 comments

100% Design with Blufftitler Read Article

Problems with bix pack 29 sea monsters

Decentralized | 2 months ago | 6 comments

Check your pack, bix pack 29 sea monsters, and see if it works. Mine did work fine. But yesterday I noticed... Read Article

Videos exports issues

Apolinaire | 2 months ago | 9 comments

Hello, When I export a BT show, encoding doesn't go until the end of the show. It stops about... Read Article

Extraire une partie d'une photo

maggico | 2 months ago | 7 comments

Est-i possible avec BT, à partir d'une image au format 16/9 par exemple, d'en extraire... Read Article


Jesus | 2 months ago | 10 comments

Heart of flowers different style, made with Blufftitler v. Read Article

Adding Texture to OBJ X file

lightads | 2 months ago | 7 comments

I have added a Model layer and I'm using a airplane X file. How do i add a texture onto it? Read Article

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maggico: Vraiment magnifique. Bravo l'ami Raymond. 2 minutes ago

Pixelpanther: Thank you Filip :) 4 minutes ago

Filip: Love the show, Bix too he's going through the... 7 minutes ago

Filip: Thnx for sharing. 10 minutes ago

Filip: Wow, great use of the Oscillator effect. 11 minutes ago

Filip: Great use of the new features! 12 minutes ago

2ids: Hey Michiel, first of all a healthy happy and powerful... 20 minutes ago

liuyongcai: Alex-Raymond T.- thanks 29 minutes ago

liuyongcai: Michiel- thanks 31 minutes ago

michiel: Thank you Pixelpanther. What is needs is a suitable... an hour ago

Pixelpanther: Great example Michiel - thank you! This effect is Brilliant... an hour ago

Pixelpanther: If people think they can benefit from it and if Michiel... an hour ago

PAT67: Merci Raymond ,Persiana et Pixelpanther an hour ago

Pixelpanther: Thank you Ulli :) Gracias Persiana :) an hour ago

persiana: Impresionante show an hour ago

persiana: Extraordinario show y muchas gracias an hour ago

persiana: Impresionante, Vicente an hour ago

persiana: Muy buena animación an hour ago

persiana: Extraordinario show an hour ago

persiana: Un bonito y gran show an hour ago

persiana: Gracias Michiel, pensaba que era cosa de Blufftitler 2 hours ago

michiel: The installer updates all effects, including all the... 2 hours ago

michiel: I do not know why Google translate changes the colours. 2 hours ago

Ulli: Bix on the Dance Floor - I like it. And very good... 2 hours ago

Ulli: Very nice effects and thanks a lot for sharing, liuyongcai. 2 hours ago

Ulli: Great demonstration of the Oscillator effect, Vincent! 2 hours ago

Ulli: Great flame and wax animation, Alex. 2 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Thanks Alex-Raymond T. I think I've spent... 2 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Merci PAT67 Il est étrange que Facebook... 2 hours ago

vincent: maybe it is due to paragraph "Effect compatibility... 4 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Hi Troy GT, Do you mean BT is asking for an effects... 4 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Very interesting these new effects. Thank you liuyongcai,... 5 hours ago