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Mega speed improvement loading GLB models

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 18 comments

Loading GLB models is much faster in version version Thanks to this model Read Article

BT rendered output size does not match source image size.

NFAToys | 14 years ago | 4 comments

When I create an image layer and import an image that was was saved as a video frame snapshot from Sony... Read Article

Film and Video Maker review

michiel | 14 years ago | 9 comments

A rave review by Mike Shaw in the August 2009 issue of the Film and Video Maker magazine. One remark:... Read Article

Model Texture Application Questions

Elect1 | 14 years ago | 2 comments

Can anyone tell me why I can't apply a texture to these two bottle models in BT? Even after the... Read Article

Chopped intro

Elect1 | 14 years ago | 5 comments

Just put this together. I need to tweek the text gradient to work better with the particle layer. The... Read Article

Export as GIF

armando | 14 years ago | 4 comments

Can I export a movie as an animated gif and if so how? Read Article

Bug? Resolution not loading

Per | 14 years ago | 1 comment

If I double click on a "bt" file it starts Blufftitler and loads the file - BUT it doesn't... Read Article

Science Title

joseburgos | 14 years ago

Another model with a UV image map. Use the included template to paint your own colors of the different... Read Article

PAL DVD Widescreen Not Widescreen

jimgo | 14 years ago | 1 comment

I used the subject template last year when creating titles for a holiday video shot in PAL widescreen.... Read Article


joseburgos | 14 years ago

This show uses a container layer to "hold" together the trophy. Please read the layer names... Read Article

lower thirds

westho04 | 14 years ago | 1 comment

anyone have or good make any good lower thirds? Read Article

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