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Release notes version

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 17 comments

Here are the release notes for version, launched today. The MEDIA > Change model... dialog... Read Article

Five Candles

michiel | 17 years ago

As a special request here's the birthday cake with 5 candles. The textures are not included, but... Read Article

Birthday Cakes

michiel | 17 years ago | 4 comments

Here's a collection of sweet birthday cakes with 1,2,3 and 4 candles for your birthday party videos!... Read Article

More Fireworks

DeanO | 17 years ago | 4 comments

A special effect I made for an introduction to a birthday video a while ago. With careful planning this... Read Article

Torino 2006

michiel | 17 years ago | 8 comments

Here's an animation celebrating the excellent performance of the Dutch athletes in the Olympic Winter... Read Article

Emotion City

michiel | 17 years ago | 7 comments

a dreamy animation in which you fly through a futuristic city built out of 3D texts expressing basic... Read Article

Character Scale

michiel | 17 years ago | 4 comments

This is a technical demo to show you what you can do with the character scale property. With the character... Read Article


lampion | 17 years ago | 2 comments

With BluffTitler you can even animate the randomize-parameters! With some metalic-looking text, a few... Read Article


carlo | 17 years ago | 20 comments

Hallo BT Fans, hier eine von mir angepasste Animation. BT ist wirklich toll. Macht bitte so weiter...... Read Article

DVD Intro

gimme | 17 years ago | 8 comments

This is an intro I put together last year for DVDs that I create. In its full glory, the intro consists... Read Article

Modified Example

voyager | 17 years ago | 5 comments

It is just a modified example, but nice to use. This is mainly a test or me, creating articles. If it... Read Article

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