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Arrows Tool Launched ➡️↗️⬆️

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 36 comments

Bixelangelo 5.3 introduces the arrows tool. Render your texts and logos in a 3D graffiti/street art arrows... Read Article

Depth bias

michiel | 17 years ago

One of the new features of version 5.0 is the Depth bias property of the particle layer. With this property... Read Article

Optimized Lighting

michiel | 17 years ago

The lighting model in version 5 has been optimized. It's a lot faster, but also slightly different.... Read Article

Title-Graphic treatment with Rays

mikeatglobal | 17 years ago | 5 comments

This is another title I have used. I loaded the texture and background in the download- although I made... Read Article

Twist on- fly off

mikeatglobal | 17 years ago | 2 comments

A Nice graphic treatment I have used for a few shows. Read Article

Text Pivot Points

DeanO | 17 years ago | 5 comments

Ive recently discovered some interesting text effects by simply adding additional spaces (carriage returns)... Read Article

A couple of ideas

Thomasco | 17 years ago | 2 comments

1. Remember to copy the contents of the "Particle and Texture Pack" from the MediBlitzed article... Read Article

Motion Backgrounds

DeanO | 17 years ago | 5 comments

I often use Bluff Titler to create "easy on the eye" backgrounds for animated DVD menus or... Read Article


Ulli | 17 years ago | 1 comment

My easter-egg-animation. The font is "Jokerman" ( Happy Easter @ All! Read Article


ACNJ | 17 years ago

Here another example in which you do not need 3D modeling. Select WingDings as your font, and Select... Read Article


lampion | 17 years ago | 1 comment

You don't have to use 3D-models all the time.. :-) Read Article

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