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Calendar intro for Holidays movie

Filip | 11 hours ago | 1 comment

Sorry Franco your idea is awesome, so I tried to make a Intro for my upcomming holidaysmovie. I couldn't... Read Article

It's spring/It's BBQ time

Filip | 6 days ago | 9 comments

BluffTitler is an awesome tool to make a creative invite for a (BBQ) party. Lets Rock, lets BBQ! Read Article

What can you do with te eps layer an the Horizontally revolved style

Filip | 2 weeks ago | 11 comments

There are many models we can make with the Eps layer and the horizontally Revolved style. Use always... Read Article


Filip | 2 weeks ago | 11 comments

Inspired by: Who needs Photoshop! We have BluffTitler! We have the... Read Article

An idea from the internet

Filip | 3 weeks ago | 6 comments

And again not my idea but a copy of a tutorial on the internet about the possibiities of Adobe After... Read Article

BluffTitler user-friendly and good

Filip | 3 weeks ago | 11 comments

How do you make a nice 3d animated text. I found this: Looks very complex... Read Article

Blob particle problem

Filip | 3 weeks ago | 5 comments

@Michiel: We are see a problem with the blobs particles. They tend to disapear from the right side... Read Article

Text to text

Filip | 3 weeks ago | 8 comments

Thnx for all the support and the good words. This is the best I can do....there are of course variations... Read Article


Filip | 3 weeks ago | 6 comments

In my never ending search for he boundaries of BluffTitler (did I tell you that it is awesome?) I stubbled... Read Article

What you can do with particles

Filip | a month ago | 9 comments

After a lot of try-outs and study of the particles and the styles and properties...I decided that there... Read Article


Filip | a month ago | 11 comments

Sometimes I see a video on youtube and I try to re-create it in BluffTitler. It's not an exact... Read Article

Text1 to text2

Filip | a month ago | 3 comments

@ Michiel: Is there a possibility to create a smooth transition from one text to another without the... Read Article

BluffTitler is awesome

Filip | a month ago | 3 comments

Thnx to Vincent: This show uses a Coulourmap , The camea Layer of the cColourmap uses the CameraBloom... Read Article


Filip | a month ago | 5 comments

@Michiel: Can you make it possible to use a colourmap for a Picture layer that is attached to another... Read Article

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Ulli: This looks great, Filip! 8 hours ago

Ulli: Thank you all, my friends! 8 hours ago

maggico: Super et Bravo ! J'espère qu'il... 12 hours ago

PAT67: Belle animation pascale 13 hours ago

MrGruntHunter: I'll bet this is going to be awesome! Looking... 17 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you all! 17 hours ago

LostBoyz: Happy Easter Ulli! :) Nice show! 17 hours ago

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Franco Aversa: Happy Easter, beautiful animation !! a day ago

Franco Aversa: Thanks !! @Filip your animation was very nice! a day ago

persiana: Muy bien Ulli, felices pascuas para tod@s a day ago

Eddy: Bravo Franco! a day ago

vincent: Very nice. Happy Easter Ulli. a day ago

Filip: Love the design and the idea. I did once a calendar... a day ago

Filip: U2 Ulli! a day ago

vincent: Good idea. a day ago

michiel: Make sure your URL starts with http:// or https://... a day ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Joli show et joyeuses Pâques, Franco. a day ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Très joli show, et joyeuses Pâques LostBoyz. a day ago

lightads: I've been trying to make a project similar to... a day ago

PAT67: Une jolie animation pascale. Joyeuses Pâques... 2 days ago

PAT67: Belle compostion LB 2 days ago

Ulli: Very nice and Happy Easter, Franco! 🐰 2 days ago

Ulli: Beautiful show and Happy Easter, LB! 🐰 2 days ago

Filip: LB great show. 2 days ago

Franco Aversa: if the address is a disk drive it works and loads another... 2 days ago

LostBoyz: Happy Easter! 2 days ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Franco! 2 days ago

Franco Aversa: Happy Easter !! 2 days ago

persiana: Un Bonito show Franco 2 days ago

persiana: un buen show LostBoyz 2 days ago

Franco Aversa: Thank you, Happy Easter to all bluffTitler friends,... 2 days ago