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Pirates of the Caribbean

Filip | 9 hours ago | 3 comments

Saw last night the first Pirates of the Caribbean with my oldest grandson. I liked to remake the title... Read Article

Text Particle dissolve

Filip | 5 days ago | 7 comments

Last week I attended a concert of Michael W. Smith. This show is inspired by the presentation that played... Read Article

In honor of Terry Pratchett

Filip | a month ago | 10 comments

The Discworld is not the only flat world! he last Bixpack needs to be revisited! 😂 Read Article

BT and AE

Filip | a month ago | 4 comments

Most of the text animations that are made with AE we can make with BT, and much easier and cheaper. ... Read Article

Flexibility property

Filip | a month ago | 10 comments

A text tot text transition with the use of the following properties: - Text rotation - Pivot point... Read Article

Bix has an hot summer (version 2)

Filip | a month ago | 5 comments

To make almost all wished come true I made an improved version: With Hawaiian Music, a thermometer,... Read Article

Bouncing/stand in.../Float on..

Filip | a month ago | 1 comment

Michiel there are many cool features in BT. For this question I want to refer to the possibility of Bouncing... Read Article

Bix has a hot summer

Filip | a month ago | 8 comments

The Bix's enjoy a hot summer vacation. Read Article

BT Landscape builder?

Filip | 2 months ago | 5 comments

Yes you can! First test of a landscape with weird text...It could be a Picture of never... Read Article

Transparancy discussions!

Filip | 2 months ago | 5 comments

I have followed the discussion about the transparancy in NLE's. Sometimes we (I am certainly)... Read Article

Calendar intro with paper airplane

Filip | 2 months ago | 10 comments

Can't wait for a Paper-airplane.cfx effect so I found a paper airplane.x model and made the intro... Read Article

For Lightads

Filip | 3 months ago | 9 comments

Some examples of party balloons in the download Read Article

Calendar intro for Holidays movie

Filip | 3 months ago | 9 comments

Sorry Franco your idea is awesome, so I tried to make a Intro for my upcomming holidaysmovie. I couldn't... Read Article

It's spring/It's BBQ time

Filip | 3 months ago | 9 comments

BluffTitler is an awesome tool to make a creative invite for a (BBQ) party. Lets Rock, lets BBQ! Read Article

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IntroChamp: Nice Filip! The stark darkness, smoke and embers really... 5 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Great, now I understand why they want to go to Mars,... 6 hours ago

SMSgtRod: Sweet show Filip.... thank you for sharing 7 hours ago

vincent: Thanks michiel and Filip. 8 hours ago

vincent: Never seen the film, the only thing i know about it... 8 hours ago

Filip: Love the cute little astrounaut. 9 hours ago

michiel: Franco, have you tried the Picture\Plane2Pyramid effect? 11 hours ago

michiel: I'm confused now... I suggest, the first thing... 11 hours ago

vincent: Thank you et merci à tous. 11 hours ago

Dani: Great job Vincent.. 12 hours ago

Dani: Looks interesting.. 12 hours ago

Dani: Bee dance is awesome.. 12 hours ago

Dani: Eye catching show...Franco 12 hours ago

Dani: Thank you so much every one... lightads: Yes box... 12 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Great animation ! 14 hours ago

Franco Aversa: the magic of color ... the moon is gray, if the... 16 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Thanks, I would like to ask if it is possible to... 16 hours ago

michiel: Nice blueish Moon! I wonder what its real colour... 17 hours ago

michiel: BixPack 15 does not have silhouettes, but maybe the... 17 hours ago

michiel: Great! Love the bright eyes and the breathing. 17 hours ago

michiel: She's beautiful! I like the contrast between... 17 hours ago

Filip: Suspense and horror! Like the breathing! 17 hours ago

Filip: Great dashboard! 17 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Comme tu dis... 50 Years Later... La technique bien... 17 hours ago

maggico: Magnifique ! C'est un régal de regarder... 18 hours ago

vincent: thank you, thank you very much for your nice comments,... 19 hours ago

maggico: Merci à persiana, Alex-Raymond et Vincent pour... 19 hours ago

LostBoyz: Awesome vincet! :) 22 hours ago

Jesus: Fantástico!! a day ago

IntroChamp: Shofi Ahmed May 2017- Eyes in the Sky Gaze to... a day ago

komies: Wonderfull, Vincent I say it again: Fly me... a day ago

vincent: Beau travail (de pro), tes tutos sont super bien faits. a day ago