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Version 16 has been launched!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 35 comments

The big new feature of version 16 is animated 3D models. The videos that beta testers have posted in... Read Article

Flames for Text

MrGruntHunter | 7 years ago | 3 comments

Has anyone developed an effect/preset/texture or ??? to add flames to text? I was recording video at... Read Article

HELP us 'newbees' and graphically challenged PLEASE

MrGruntHunter | 7 years ago | 13 comments

The files that are being created and uploaded to the Gallery are amazing and very impressive. Many kudos... Read Article

Changing text position

MrGruntHunter | 7 years ago | 3 comments

OK, My previous question was about how to make animated text show up as a transparency layer in Sony... Read Article

Using the Traced Picture Layer

MrGruntHunter | 7 years ago | 16 comments

I brought a photo into the photo layer and need to cut an image out of it to use in an intro clip. Anyone... Read Article

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Kauzito: Glow is a wonderful parameter! 19 minutes ago

Kauzito: How did you create the smoke? 24 minutes ago

vincent: Thank you all. 56 minutes ago

vincent: A real movie scene, great! an hour ago

terrypin: Thanks Michiel. That was easy in this case, with only... an hour ago

michiel: The colours and camera work is amazing. The shadow... 2 hours ago

michiel: What a joy to see all the different kind of robots:... 2 hours ago

michiel: Thank you Filip. That's a nice match, love the... 2 hours ago

michiel: Gabriel, do you agree that the original on Sketchfab... 2 hours ago

lightads: Bloody nice show. 4 hours ago

gato@mo: Thank You LostBoys Eso no lo sabia Muchas gracias 4 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you chaver, Decentralized and liuyongcai! 4 hours ago

LostBoyz: gato@mo, You can also make the t pose here (mixamo) 4 hours ago

Decentralized: Incredibly cute video, well done Vincent 6 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 7 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 7 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 7 hours ago

gato@mo: Michiel, Use cinema4D para ponerlo en forma de ¨T¨... 9 hours ago

chaver: Cool.well done. Mr Ro bot lunch break ? 10 hours ago

Decentralized: Really remarkable. Well done, Sir Lost. 11 hours ago

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