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53 articles found by Pixelpanther!

Feature Request

Pixelpanther | 6 years ago

Had an idea earlier that it would be nice to attach a container to the camera, rather like a picture... Read Article


Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 3 comments

Just a quick, simple, minimalist intro.... don't often play with white backgrounds :) Read Article


Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 2 comments

Been off for a little brainstorming some new ideas and new techniques. Same as a few here I guess by... Read Article


Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 2 comments

Woke up this morning to work on an older project, had trouble figuring out why the nice subtle starfield... Read Article


Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 3 comments

;) Read Article

A Particle-u-lar Thing

Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 2 comments

Real quick teaser of something I'm working on, still a work in progress and not perfect yet! :) Read Article

BluffTitler Particles

Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 9 comments

:) Read Article

Asteroid Chasers

Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 2 comments

Hi to everyone, Just a little project to demonstrate some more how BluffTitler can be used for cinematic... Read Article

Rotate with Container feature request

Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 4 comments

Hi Michiel, Just a quick feature request for future if I may please. Would it be possible for... Read Article

Pushing the limits...again :)

Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 5 comments

BluffTitler at just some of its awesome capability.... enjoy..... ;) Read Article

Disco Mountain

Pixelpanther | 6 years ago

Blufftitler is incredibly flexible, and capable of handling some complex effects simultaneously, everything... Read Article

Pushing the Limits

Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 8 comments

A Big Thank You to IntroChamp....... you inspired me to think 'out of the box'........ and... Read Article

Question re: 3D objects

Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 2 comments

Hi Peeps, Quick question..... Has anyone come across NOT being able to apply effects to a 3D... Read Article

Blufftitler - The Dream Maker

Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 2 comments

Hi all, Just had to write a few lines for today and post a video for inspiration (watch in HD if... Read Article

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vincent: Bonsoir Andrew, je sais qu'il existe une fonction... 34 minutes ago

jessy1943: Bonsoir Vincent, Merci pour votre réponse,... an hour ago

persiana: Extraordinario Armabit an hour ago

persiana: Esto es un super nivel con bixelángelo an hour ago

Alex-Raymond T.: A lot of thanks, LB, it's very kind of you. I... an hour ago

persiana: Muy bueno Alex 2 hours ago

komies: Very Nice, Alex 7 hours ago

vincent: Thanks Bob and lightads. 8 hours ago

vincent: En effet, belle construction tintinesque , et en plus,... 8 hours ago

michiel: HILARIOUS!!! 🤣🤣🤣 10 hours ago

michiel: Ingenious way to construct the rocket! 10 hours ago

lightads: Great exercise. Well done again 10 hours ago

PAT67: Bien deviné Vincent et Raymond il y a du blanc... 10 hours ago

PAT67: Wouah Raymond elle magnifique cette fusée de... 11 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you all! Alex-Raymond T, download fire 11 hours ago

Jesus: Gracias mis Amigos. 12 hours ago

Jesus: excellent and good work, thanks for sharing. 12 hours ago

Ulli: Very nice show, PAT. 20 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Si je comprend bien, c'est la version Bix du radeau... 23 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Great camera work and anims LB! 23 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Beau spectacle, bon travail Cheyenne 23 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Elegant and stylish - great work Jesus! 23 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Love it! Great work Vincent! 23 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Very inventive :) Nice work PAT67 23 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Thanks Michiel :) 23 hours ago

Pixelpanther: I use the Affinity suite and the cocktail glass and... 23 hours ago

vincent: Voir quel navigateur 23 hours ago

jessy1943: bONJOUR? ... a day ago

persiana: Bonito show ,Pat67 a day ago

vincent: Et le paddle ? c'est un modèle alsacien... a day ago

cheyenne: Merci pour vos commentaires a day ago

vincent: Merci ART, oui je me suis créé un petit... a day ago