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gato@mo | 3 years ago | 1 comment

Saludos a todos... me gusto mucho el render ala hora de exportar tu video en .mp4 es mas rapido Read Article


gato@mo | 3 years ago

Learnig about cubemaps and playing with it ;) Read Article


gato@mo | 3 years ago

This is my new show using cubemap layer, particles and the new container inside the other Read Article

BT-13 Ultimate

gato@mo | 3 years ago | 2 comments

BT-13 Ultimate Jugando con los efectos nuevos Read Article


gato@mo | 3 years ago

I like the fire how it looks made with colourmap layer and particles... Read Article

Water Layer BT-13 Ultimate

gato@mo | 3 years ago | 6 comments

I like to much play with teh new water layer on BluffTitler 13 here is other example Read Article

Did I copy to LostBoyz

gato@mo | 3 years ago | 3 comments

Reflected escene...!!!? Read Article

Blobs particles (Coágulos3D) with effect Vj_Dancer.cfx

gato@mo | 3 years ago | 3 comments

Blobs particles (Coágulos3D) with effect Vj_Dancer.cfx Read Article

Efecto Distorcion...

gato@mo | 3 years ago

Buen Efecto para realizar cualquier intro con El Nuevo BluffTitler 13 Felicidades al Equipo Outer-space. Read Article


gato@mo | 3 years ago | 3 comments

MUY UTIL NUEVO MENU CONTENEDOR DENTRO DE OTRO... este menu nuevo es muy util, *Felicidades BluffTitler... Read Article

Hands and water layer test

gato@mo | 3 years ago | 2 comments

Probando las manos del nuevo BluffTitler 13 y dela capa agua Read Article

New Colourmap Layer Test

gato@mo | 3 years ago | 1 comment


Djs ;)

gato@mo | 3 years ago

V.13 waithing Read Article

Dj show 04

gato@mo | 3 years ago | 2 comments

d(*_*)b Read Article

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PAT67: Quand on va dans les paramètres de Youtube en... 13 minutes ago

PAT67: Effet foudroyant 20 minutes ago

LostBoyz: I don't know what it is, but it's very good... 26 minutes ago

LostBoyz: Awesome vincent! :) 28 minutes ago

Pixelpanther: Re-uploaded in 1080p and links updated, should be good... 7 hours ago

vincent: I have already noticed this with some of my videos,... 8 hours ago

Pixelpanther: I'm seeing major YouTube compression on this -... 8 hours ago

vincent: Thank you Alex and Bob. Sure, VJ brings life and dynamics 8 hours ago

vincent: Strange! did you renamed new effects ? i have an error... 8 hours ago

vincent: Great job Bob. And yes new VJ offers so many possibilities... 8 hours ago

lecoq: Salut l'ami Raymond, super présentation... 9 hours ago

Pixelpanther: I'm pretty sure you're going to be making... 9 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Clever work! nice job :) 10 hours ago

komies: It's alive, ALIVE Nice, Vincent 10 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Awesome! Love this :) 10 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Haha love it :) lots of fun! 10 hours ago

LostBoyz: Fantastic Michiel! vincent " Maybe a reflectionmap... 12 hours ago

persiana: Un buen show. Pat67 13 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Superbe, Patrick. Merci à Bix de nous préparer... 14 hours ago

PAT67: Très réaliste cette bougie Raymond .Bravo... 14 hours ago

PAT67: Merci à vous tous 14 hours ago

vincent: Super effet Alex. 14 hours ago

vincent: Belle utilisation des nouvelles fonctionnalités.... 14 hours ago

Ulli: Another awesome effect! BT is ingeniously! 15 hours ago

Ulli: This is funny and the shadow looks fine. 15 hours ago

ID Production: Great effect. 16 hours ago

komies: Not my favorite colors, BuT just playing with the settings.... 16 hours ago

chaver: Great Michiel!!!!! Thank you 16 hours ago

Jeep35: Good job my friend ! 17 hours ago

komies: I see you had fun with the writer property, good job... 17 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Superbe ! 😵 😲 Encore du travail intéressant... 17 hours ago

vincent: Maybe a reflectionmap or cubemap would be nice to add... 18 hours ago