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Show offs in the Gallery

snafu | 6 years ago | 5 comments

How do we know all these show-offs in Utube are based on Blufftitler? It's easy to put any... Read Article

Utube and Blufftitler gallery

snafu | 6 years ago | 9 comments

What's the point having in the gallery so many Utube shows, if almost none tells how to develop... Read Article

text and particles

snafu | 7 years ago | 3 comments

How do I avoid that the particles on a background get through teh text in foreground ? Read Article

About particle layers

snafu | 7 years ago | 5 comments

How do you integrate the textures into particle layers? I have seen that in several templates, but... Read Article


snafu | 7 years ago | 2 comments

I've been trying for a while, to make a rotation of a propeller model. No matter what I do... Read Article

Disolve or desintegrate

snafu | 9 years ago | 3 comments

Could anyone give a good example of disolving or desintegrating a text or a picture ? The example... Read Article


snafu | 9 years ago | 4 comments

How do you make a text or a simple character pivoting just over one of its edges (like a door does) ?... Read Article

Dissolving or disintegrating a text

snafu | 9 years ago | 6 comments

I need and effect that really disintegrates or dissolves a text, the one that comes with the Outerspace... Read Article

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vincent: Thank you very much lightads, persiana and LostBoyz. 7 minutes ago

LostBoyz: Fantastic, thank you Filip! 26 minutes ago

LostBoyz: Cool show. 27 minutes ago

LostBoyz: Very very cool vincent! 28 minutes ago

SMSgtRod: Kool! Thanks Filip.... 9 hours ago

SMSgtRod: Wonderful things happen outside of the box...... ... 9 hours ago

persiana: Un buen show Filip 9 hours ago

persiana: Muy buen show Franco 9 hours ago

persiana: Muy buen show Vicente 9 hours ago

lecoq: Salut Babe34 super bien, belle présentation... 10 hours ago

lightads: Pretty damn awesome show piece. Well done 11 hours ago

vincent: Great and original, i like the 2 views idea. 11 hours ago

vincent: Thanks Jesus and Franco. Yes, writing is complex to... 11 hours ago

Franco Aversa: thanks 13 hours ago

Babe34: It's look great! Thak you Michiel. Babe 14 hours ago

Babe34: Great show! It seems so real. I would like to eat it.... 14 hours ago

Babe34: Very nice! Babe 14 hours ago

Babe34: Beautifuf show! Simple and elegant! Babe 14 hours ago

Babe34: Nice show. Thank you for sharing. Babe 34 14 hours ago

Babe34: I was very busy these weeks. But I want to thank all... 14 hours ago

Jesus: Fantastic! Good show. 15 hours ago

Jesus: Great! Great show, I like it. 15 hours ago

Franco Aversa: wonderful, I started making one but it was very difficult.... 16 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Franco 18 hours ago

Franco Aversa: beautiful, I really like the balloons to pass from... 21 hours ago

Franco Aversa: 😮 21 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you all! 22 hours ago

Jesus: Muy bueno y delicioso helado. a day ago

Ulli: Great, an Out of Bounds effect. I like it! a day ago

persiana: Un Dios muy bueno a day ago

persiana: Espectacular a day ago

Ulli: This looks wonderful! a day ago