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rythmed lighting II

vincent | 8 months ago | 12 comments

Different VJ settings and different music Read Article

rythmed lighting

vincent | 9 months ago | 17 comments

VJ usage Read Article


vincent | 9 months ago | 1 comment

Michiel, it 's an old request : when you click 'all layer' and changes texture1 Bluff... Read Article


vincent | 9 months ago | 20 comments

no model except Bix - space station built with sketchs and texts. Read Article


vincent | 9 months ago | 10 comments

eps+texts+skecths Read Article


vincent | 10 months ago | 13 comments

Vinyl nostalgia. More charm than a CD player Read Article

Question about camera

vincent | 10 months ago | 6 comments

Actually when we add a camera, the screen is splitted with each camera view corresponding to a part of... Read Article


vincent | 10 months ago | 19 comments

Apollo watch Read Article


vincent | 10 months ago | 15 comments

Green watch Read Article


vincent | 10 months ago | 21 comments

A variation of previous show Read Article


vincent | 10 months ago | 14 comments

I like machines Read Article


vincent | 11 months ago | 12 comments

BLUFFTITLER IS GREAT. Idea inspired by Filip Read Article


vincent | 11 months ago | 16 comments

BluffTitler is really a flexible program. I Used bloom effect on camera. Read Article


vincent | 11 months ago | 15 comments

SciFi space landscape Read Article

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vincent: Ok Alex, i understand now. 7 hours ago

komies: I thought that is was clearer than AFK. Away From... 9 hours ago

vincent: Thank yiu Franco, Ulli and Filip. Franco, yes! that's... 9 hours ago

Filip: Swinging Chaver. it. 9 hours ago

Filip: Great show. 9 hours ago

Filip: Sorry Here it is. 9 hours ago

vincent: Hello Alex, what do you mean by Not at may PC ? After... 9 hours ago

komies: Not at my pc, But doesn't the invisible.cfx... 12 hours ago

vincent: Really, i don't think it is disturbing, in my... 12 hours ago

LostBoyz: Not disturbing at all , even few ! :) 14 hours ago

michiel: Technically yes, but we worry the LAYER > ACTIVE... 14 hours ago

Ulli: Very well done, Chaver. 16 hours ago

Ulli: I think, this looks awesome, Vincent! 16 hours ago

Ulli: Very well done, Pixelpanther. 16 hours ago

Ulli: Bix looks great and your show also, Alex! 16 hours ago

Ulli: Great use of the new effects, Dani! 16 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Great Vincent, it is difficult when you stop and do... 17 hours ago

vincent: Thank you LB. a day ago

chaver: Thank you persiana a day ago

persiana: Bien hecho Chaver a day ago

LostBoyz: Very cool show vincent! :) a day ago

gato@mo: Ulli Dani Gracias muchachos 🙋🏻‍♂️ a day ago

vincent: Thank you michiel, i will try other settings following... a day ago

Pixelpanther: Gracias Persiana :) a day ago

chaver: Thank you Michiel a day ago

michiel: Yes, this is what the VJ dialog has been designed for.... a day ago

michiel: Interesting idea to animate everything with the VJ... a day ago

chaver: Thank you Vincent and Pat a day ago

vincent: An other example of VJ animation. Well done. a day ago

vincent: Thanks to all, merci à tous. a day ago

PAT67: Un texte bien rythmé a day ago

PAT67: Instructive animation d'un moteur à explosion... a day ago