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lightads: Bloody nice show. an hour ago

gato@mo: Thank You LostBoys Eso no lo sabia Muchas gracias an hour ago

LostBoyz: Thank you chaver, Decentralized and liuyongcai! an hour ago

LostBoyz: gato@mo, You can also make the t pose here (mixamo) an hour ago

Decentralized: Incredibly cute video, well done Vincent 3 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 3 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 3 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 3 hours ago

gato@mo: Michiel, Use cinema4D para ponerlo en forma de ¨T¨... 6 hours ago

chaver: Cool.well done. Mr Ro bot lunch break ? 7 hours ago

Decentralized: Really remarkable. Well done, Sir Lost. 8 hours ago

chaver: well done 9 hours ago

Filip: Very special and funny. Champagne in a fastfood restaurant,... 9 hours ago

LostBoyz: AWESOME!!! I love it! 😊 9 hours ago

LostBoyz: Cool :) 9 hours ago

Decentralized: Good idea. I just got the Roller Coaster bixback. 11 hours ago

Decentralized: Good show. Dutchskies is awesome. 11 hours ago

Rorysee: BT gbl file handeling is awesome thanks michiel for... 11 hours ago

michiel: Gabriel, I tried the model and found out that it has... 13 hours ago

Ulli: Looks very nice. 14 hours ago

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