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Second Darkwind video, Blufftitler everywhere (again)

Adonhiram | 4 years ago

Hello Michiel and Blufftitlers ! I finished the promo video for my EverQuest gaming guild, here the... Read Article

The Darkwind Video part 1 : a lot of Blufftitler, again !

Adonhiram | 4 years ago | 3 comments

Hello Michiel and the BT community ! My Everquest guild has asked me to work on a Darkwind (my guild)... Read Article

WARNING about TRIM mode on SSDs for the BT community !

Adonhiram | 4 years ago | 8 comments

Hello again, Just a quick warning so no one gets into the same problem as I did. I erased by accident... Read Article

Using Blufftitlers templates, including BixPack 22, without

Adonhiram | 4 years ago | 6 comments

Hello Michiel and the Blufftitler guys (and girls of course, no one thinks girls are underrepresented... Read Article

Second example (part 2 of the Luclin video)

Adonhiram | 5 years ago | 5 comments

Here the second example which is the second part of that Everquest video. Look for example at the show... Read Article

Exemples of how Blufftitler can be used as a noob

Adonhiram | 5 years ago | 5 comments

Hello fellow Bixadorators :-) I almost never post even if I am using Blufftitiler and following the... Read Article


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amiga: I think that would be pretty cool. Thanks for considering... an hour ago

nonnogio: Credo che manchi il file .xml 9 hours ago

PAT67: Chez moi il ni a pas de problème. Il faut mettre... 10 hours ago

aki: @ Michel For example I need the layout of this photo.... 4 days ago

linea_abierta: thanks, is a good start. thanks... 4 days ago

michiel: Maybe exporting in 10fps is enough. This reduces the... 4 days ago

michiel: Simple, abstract virtual studios can be designed in... 4 days ago

vincent: There are examples in the BixPacks (1, 6, 16) 4 days ago

aki: @ Michel I know I can export shows in numbered frames.... 4 days ago

linea_abierta: how is 5 days ago

michiel: Are you aware that you can export a show as numbered... 5 days ago

michiel: Will WASD control as used in games make you happy?... 5 days ago

lightads: I didn't know about Alt +1 and Alt +2. Perhaps... 6 days ago

aki: @ Michel and Amiga I also struggle with the position... 6 days ago

amiga: I never realized that it was so easy to switch back... 6 days ago

aki: @ Michel Since I use Affinity and Photoshop, I thought... 6 days ago

michiel: With <Alt> 1 and <Alt> 2 you can quickly... 6 days ago

amiga: Maybe I'm stuck in the old 3D program mindset,... 6 days ago

michiel: Why is it hard to place the camera? Are you aware... 6 days ago

michiel: Thank you for you requests! All animation can be paused... 6 days ago

bambamD: bluff filmora and iclone combined on gifs uhuuuu..aftr... a week ago

bambamD: Mr Michiel please add posibillity to upload gifs to... a week ago

bambamD: first time in 2 years go to vacation in Frace :) 3... a week ago

PAT67: Belle réalisation a week ago

PAT67: Merci Michiel pour ce nouvel effet a week ago

PAT67: Merci Michiel et Filip a week ago

vincent: Hi Alex, great trick. I hadn't thought of that!... a week ago

komies: He, Vincent Here is the hack: Add water layer and... a week ago

LostBoyz: Awesome thank you Michiel! a week ago

michiel: Thank you all! a week ago

Ulli: Awesome addition! Blinds and wires as new shapes would... a week ago

Franco Aversa: Stupendissimo !! Rendere facile BluffTitler lo fa... a week ago

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