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Filip: Thnx for sharing Vincent 7 hours ago

Eddy: Merci beaucoup Vincent, c'est très apprécié.... 7 hours ago

persiana: Muy bien vicente y gracias 8 hours ago

persiana: Un show fantástico. Vicente 8 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Super, Vincent ! Et merci pour le partage. 10 hours ago

vincent: Thank you Ulli and Jesus. 10 hours ago

lightads: Thank you for your show. Amazing how creative one... 10 hours ago

Jesus: Gracias por compartir, Dios te ilumine siempre. 12 hours ago

cheyenne: Merci Ulli 12 hours ago

Jesus: Vincent, this project is magnificent and you are a... 12 hours ago

cheyenne: Merci pour le partage Vincent 12 hours ago

Ulli: Thank you so much for sharing, Vincent! I'll... 12 hours ago

Ulli: Oh, what a great idea and show! I love it. 12 hours ago

Ulli: The separation of arms and legs looks great, Filip.... 12 hours ago

Ulli: Very well done! 12 hours ago

Ulli: Beautiful show, cheyenne. I like the flowers in the... 12 hours ago

vincent: Here a better quality texture 13 hours ago

maggico: Génial, Merci beaucoup Vincent pour le partage. 14 hours ago

michiel: Merci bien Vincent for the very useful texture! 14 hours ago

maggico: Merci Michiel pour le conseil. 14 hours ago

vincent: Mike, here a small Bixelangelo4 Beziers curves video... 16 hours ago

vincent: Thank you all. Elvis Sewing machine is copyrighted... 16 hours ago

elvis66: möchte meine frau überraschen, es gibt einen... 18 hours ago

elvis66: Vincent Big Show 👍🏻😂 18 hours ago

elvis66: Filip Cool Intro 😊 19 hours ago

cheyenne: Vincent c'est super comme toujours ( je vais... 19 hours ago

lightads: Great show with a Bixelangelo tutorial. Love the cloth... 21 hours ago

vincent: Filip, sewing machine is a model (too round in the... 21 hours ago

vincent: Mike, to have the points you must be in EDIT MODE.... 22 hours ago

Filip: Vincent great show, love the sewing machine (EPS?).... 22 hours ago

Dani: Just updated my pc to Windows 10 64 bit....Eps files... 23 hours ago

MrGruntHunter: Vincent, How are you getting all of those points where... a day ago