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BixPack 38 | Stingers launched today!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 12 comments

Today we've launched BixPack 38 | Stingers! What are stingers? Stingers are short videos that start... Read Article

AVI Mirror layer

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 2 comments

Just playing around with V12s mirror layer using video files. Read Article

v12 Beta on a Non-DirectX 11 Compatible card

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 10 comments

This show was constructed using a NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 which can run DirectX 11, but it's not compatible... Read Article

Future Version Feature request

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 3 comments

I think we can all agree that BluffTitler has gone far beyond just a titler program. I mean I haven't... Read Article

Twisted Halloween

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 2 comments

Just playing around Read Article

FX Request

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 3 comments

Are these possible? Hexahedrons_CubeMapDDS_Sides.fx Hexahedrons_ReflectionMap_Sides.fx Read Article

Jesus pegasus flying

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 2 comments

WalkingBix.fx applied to each sub-model after unpacking them and setting the wing rotation angles Read Article

Gallery Challenge

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 5 comments

Show Offs are great ways to display the capabilities of BluffTitler but, we are not teaching the new... Read Article

Sketch Track

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 4 comments

I have not refined this, but it's an idea I thought some of you might like playing around with. Read Article

snafu's Bubble

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 2 comments

All I did was take the background image into PhotoShop Lightened and Highlighted the colors to rainbow... Read Article


BillyJack | 6 years ago | 4 comments

I really like the new Visualization effects!!! Read Article

New FX make cool storm

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 2 comments

Working on figuring out how to make a lightning layer look realistic in this environment, but not having... Read Article

Hittin' the beat from all angles

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 13 comments

Layered out and tried to use all the new metering effects to see what they could do. Forgot to add a... Read Article

Talking Football (Share)

BillyJack | 7 years ago | 3 comments

Thought some of you might be able to make use of my talking football. Read Article

Not the right direction

BillyJack | 7 years ago | 5 comments

Ever set down at your computer and your video go in wild directs you never intended? Read Article

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chaver: I despends where you want the gif. Here is what the... 11 hours ago

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Filip: What a great idea. Love it. Brilliant! 17 hours ago

michiel: Oh, and the JPG/MP4 banding effect in the background... 18 hours ago

michiel: Not sure what is happening here. We'll take a... 18 hours ago

lightads: Beautiful Garden furniture and great textures. Well... 20 hours ago

Ulli: What a wonderful and realistic fireworks. Thank you... a day ago

vincent: Very good fireworks effect LiuYongCai! a day ago

chaver: wow. great show .Thank you for sharing a day ago

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Filip: What a perfect set! Love it! Great work! a day ago

liuyongcai: Thank you friends! a day ago

liuyongcai: Thank you friends! a day ago

liuyongcai: komies, Nauhcgnim Kan on youtube, I am also. a day ago

liuyongcai: michiel, Bixelangelo, add mirror function, copy line... a day ago

Ulli: Wow, awesome! I have an 3D chinese house and this... a day ago

Ulli: This is a wonderful idea and great use of Bixelangelo.... a day ago

Ulli: I agree with Dani. Thank you very much, liuyongcai. a day ago

Ulli: Great idea and thanks a lot for sharing. a day ago

Ulli: This looks very beautiful. thank you so much for sharing,... a day ago

michiel: Charming 3D sketches. Great use of Bixelangelo! a day ago

michiel: Wonderful 3D sketches. This is what Bixelangelo has... a day ago

Franco Aversa: gorgeous !! I saw how you made the seat of the chair,... a day ago

Jesus: Esto es fantástico! buen proyecto realizado. a day ago

PAT67: Une inventivité couplée à une... a day ago

Eddy: Many thanks Liuyongcai for sharing. I would llike to... 2 days ago

Eddy: Thank you very very much Liuyongcai for sharing this... 2 days ago

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persiana: Un gran boceto, gracias 2 days ago

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